Hottest Trending Destinations for Summer 2015

Hopper uncovered the destinations Americans are searching for most this summer. Which spots are increasingly popular? What are travelers paying? Click to find out!

Dara Continenza - Apr. 28, 2015

Ever wanted to know where your fellow American travelers are headed to this summer? At Hopper, we were wondering just that. So we pulled some data to uncover which destinations, both domestic and international, were getting the most love.

Our data scientists found which destinations got more searches for 30, 60, and 90 days from today than they had in weeks past (reflecting an increase in demand for those routes). They also found which destinations were receiving the most flight searches overall, reflecting which places Americans want to be the most this summer. (That way, we can either be where the party is ... or avoid these crowded hot spots, depending on how we feel.)

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First, we found the domestic destinations where demand has spiked the most in the past two weeks, relative to total demand.

Top Trending Destinations

Trending Domestic Destinations, 30 Days Out

5. Columbus (5.2% increase)
4. Newark (5.5%)
3. Norfolk (6.3%)
2. Kahului (Maui) (9.2%)
1. Seattle (9.4%)

Trending Domestic Destinations, 60 Days Out

5. Oakland (7.5% increase)
4. San Jose (11.3%)
3. San Francisco (11.6%)
2. Anchorage (13.5%)
1. Buffalo (14.4%)

Trending Domestic Destinations, 90 Days Out

5. Portland (8.9% increase)
4. San Antonio (10.2%)
3. Kahului (Maui) (10.3%)
2. Houston (IAH) (13.5%)
1. Houston (HOU) (32.3%)

There are a few surprises on this list, namely that Anchorage and Buffalo searches increased at such high rates. Maui's Kahului Airport appears in the top five twice, and both of Houston's airports take top spots for destinations 90 days from now, with the sharpest increase in demand.

Then we wanted to see which destinations worldwide were the most popular for 30, 60, and 90 days from now and, out of curiousity, what an average "good" price to each destination would be. (We consider a good price to be in the 10th percentile.)

Most Popular Summer Destinations

Most Popular Overall Destinations, 30 Days Out

5. Fort Lauderdale ($356)
4. London (LHR) ($1408)
3. Chicago (ORD) ($337)
2. Los Angeles ($401)
1. Las Vegas ($374)

Most Popular Destinations, 60 Days Out

5. Paris (CDG) ($1582)
4. Los Angeles ($413)
3. Cancun ($546)
2. London (LHR) ($1617)
1. Las Vegas ($367)

Most Popular Destinations, 90 Days Out

5. Los Angeles ($425)
4. Paris (CDG) ($1588)
3. Cancun ($553)
2. Las Vegas ($383)
1. London (LHR) ($1637)

Americans are pretty consistently looking for the same spots throughout the summer: London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Cancun, and Paris. No surprise there; these destinations routinely rank among the most popular destinations year-round from major U.S. departure airports.

London and Paris also took the number one and number two spots, respectively, in our recent research into the most popular European cities for Americans this summer. Prices to these European destinations tend to spike around this time of year, so read our Five Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Europe This Summer for some tricks on finding the best airfare prices.

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