How to Find the Cheapest Flights from London

Hopper found you five simple tips​ for finding the cheapest flights from London.

Dara Continenza - May. 13, 2015

Finding cheap flights from London is not easy. There are oodles of options, plenty of airlines, seemingly random price increases. How do you know if you're getting the best deal on your holiday? Not to worry: Hopper found you five simple tips for finding the cheapest flights from London!

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Choose the Right Cities

The cheapest places to fly from London, on average, may just surprise you: Amsterdam (£90 rtn), Madrid (£94 rtn), Paris Orly (£98 rtn), Edinburgh (£100 rtn) and Dublin (£100 rtn). So if you're not a set on a destination, choose one of the cheap cities above to save.

If you want to fly further internationally, Toronto and New York City (JFK) are both around £404 rtn on average, although the sunny home of Mickey Mouse, Orlando, is only a bit more at £417 rtn. That could save you plenty to spend instead on Disney World park passes!

Fly on the Right Days

Hopper research found that you could save £29 simply by flying out and returning on the right days! The cheapest day to depart London is Tuesday, saving up to £13. And the cheapest day to return to London is Wednesday, saving up to £15.

Flying internationally to the States or Canada? You could save a whopping £68 by departing, again, on Tuesday and returning on Monday.

Book on the Right Day

You could save a sizable chunk of money just by booking on the right day — and no, that's not always Tuesday, as you may have heard. For flights to North America, Sunday is the cheapest day to book a plane ticket, saving you up to £17. It could be much higher, too, depending your destination, and these small savings add up quickly.

Set Up a Fare Alert

Flight prices seem to change at random, especially out of large metro areas like London. You can get ahead of the competition, though, simply by downloading the Hopper mobile app and setting up a fare alert. Choose your departure airport and favourite destination; we'll watch that route for you and notify you immediately when flight prices change. We'll also recommend cheaper days to fly with a handy color-coded calendar! No need to thank us.

Compare Airports

London locals have it lucky, with Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and London City Airport all at their disposal. But which airport to fly out of? You could manually compare each airport, sure, or you could check out the Hopper app once again. For each route, we'll recommend the cheapest departure airport so you can save the most money! Just don't forget to consider transfer costs when booking.

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