How to Score the Cheapest Flights from Alaska

Here are some simple tips from the expert crew at Hopper for finding the cheapest flights from Alaska.

Dara Continenza - Apr. 24, 2015

We know you love Alaska's rugged beauty, but every so often, it's nice to escape the cold and head to Hawaii or Mexico or the Lower 48, right? Don't spend too much on leaving — here are some tips for finding the cheapest flights from Alaska.

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1. Be Flexible

Generally, fliers who can be flexible with their dates of departure and return find the cheapest flights! Every departure point is different, but for flights leaving Anchorage, Hopper's research found that Friday is the cheapest day to fly out. From Fairbanks, Thursdays are cheapest for departures. As for the cheapest day to return? Our research showed that flying back on a Monday is cheapest. In fact, you could save well over $300 by choosing a Thursday or Friday departure and a Monday return!

2. Look For Flash Sales

Most airlines announce short airfare sales sometime during the week, and these can offer big discounts on flights. You can sign up for every airline's alerts but that could involve a lot of sifting through email. Instead, check for airfare deals on Hopper, follow us on Facebook, or download the mobile app and set up specific fare alerts for wherever you want to go!

3. JetBlue and Alaska Airlines Fly Non-Stop

There is a surprising amount of airline competition to and from Alaska, but not all airlines are created equal. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue serve well-priced Alaska routes to the continental United States, Hawaii, and Mexico (and it doesn't hurt that both are on our list of Best Airlines the United States for their rewarding frequent-flyer programs and great service!). Look for fare sales from these airlines specifically and you're likely to save.

4. Consider Alternate Airports

Want to fly to Los Angeles? Hopper's research found that you'll spend on average $328 to fly from Anchorage to LAX. However, if you fly from Anchorage to Long Beach instead, you'll only pay $278 on average (a savings of $50!). So whenever possible, check nearby arrival airports and compare prices. The Hopper app will recommend alternate airports whenever they offer a better deal. Of course, you'll want to consider the cost of ground transportation when choosing your airport.

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