How to See Las Vegas on $300 per day

Splurge, but don't break the bank with these suggestions for how to see Las Vegas on $300 a day.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Las Vegas on $300 a day gives you some leeway – you’re not yet a high roller, but you’re doing better than those guys picking through torn up tickets at the sports book. $300 a day means you can afford a little bit of everything: a good meal, quality entertainment and some time at the tables to maybe win some of that money back. Accommodations are not included in this calculation: there are plenty of cheap places to stay in the city and if you share a room with friends it’s even less.

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Here are some suggestions for how to do Las Vegas on $300 a day:

Cash in your cheat days at a buffet

Buffets are no longer the best option for discount diners in Las Vegas, but they are great if you want a little bit of this, and a little of that, and some of those things over there. You can do Vegas on one meal a day if you load up at a lunch buffet. The Bacchanal at Caesar’s Palace and the buffets at Wynn and Bellagio typically score the most points with true connoisseurs, based on big ticket dishes, quality of food overall and variety. Expect to spend around $25 for a nice breakfast buffet and up to $50+ for a good dinner, but they’re definitely worth it.

See the quintessential Vegas show – the Blue Man Group At The Venetian Las Vegas

This is where you splurge a little because a ticket will run you about $90, but you have to see a show when you come to Las Vegas. Maybe hit Pink’s Hot Dogs instead of The Bacchanal. Blue Man Group is part performance art, part circus entertainment, and completely impossible to describe outside of referencing an Intel Processor commercial from the ‘90s. The show is inventive and epic in scope, definitely one where you get your money’s worth. When you get home, you can brag about having an authentic Vegas "experience."

Laugh it up at a comedy club

We’re not going to be too picky here and there’s no need to be: Las Vegas is crammed full of great comedy clubs, including classics like Laugh Factory, The Improv, L.A. Comedy Club and Beacher’s Madhouse. The top comedians usually have their own shows, but the clubs book great talent on the way up – think names like Aziz Ansari, Chris D’Elia, Bill Burr and Tig Notaro. Tickets, drinks and a little something to eat, you’re in and out for around $50.

Get your second wind at the Double Down Saloon

The Double Down Saloon is Las Vegas’ premier dive bar and it’s a great place to relax, toss back cheap drinks and soak up some gritty ambience. Located just off the Strip, the Double Down has a punk vibe so leave your suit at home, unless you’re wearing it ironically. Probably avoid the home-cookin’ drinks like Ass Juice and the Bacon Martini, but pull up a seat at the bar and be ready for some of Sin City’s best people watching. If you spend more than $30, you’ll need help getting back to your room in one piece.

You've got a little cash, so why not make a wager or two?

Seriously, you’re in Vegas, do it right. If you’re determined to stretch your dollars, hit the casinos Downtown on Fremont Street – that’s where the locals go when the gambling bug bites, because the casinos there offer lower limits and player-friendly rules. If you’re looking for games try pai gow poker, where lots of pushes increase your staying power, or blackjack, which offers the best odds for players. Stay away from roulette and baccarat, which favor the house.

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