June 24: Leading Airlines Cut Philadelphia-Aruba Airfares by 36%

A new fare sale from US Airways, American, United and Delta has the airlines slashing fares on the Philadelphia to Aruba route by up to $250 to as little as $450 round trip!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Airfares between Philadelphia and the Caribbean island of Aruba have been slashed by four of the leading airlines operating on the route. Starting at 6pm on June 24, American-US Airways, United and Delta have cut ticket prices from $700 to $450, a 36% reduction on average prices according to Hopper’s Philadelphia-Aruba when to buy and fly report.

The sale is a continuation of a fare sale seen on the route last week, when prices fell by the same amount. That sale lasted for a week from June 10-18, at which point the airlines’ yield management systems increased the price back to $700. But yesterday sales teams at the airlines decided to lower prices once more. Analysts at Hopper predict that this latest sale will last for a similar length of time.

"While we can’t say exactly how long the low fares will last, the sale ran for one week last time and that seems likely this time around, too," said Patrick Surry, chief data analyst at Hopper. "But with departure dates on sale that run the gamut from July to December, any travelers thinking of going to Aruba or who are looking for an exotic Caribbean getaway this year would be wise to book sooner than later."

All US Airways-American flights included in the sale have a connection in Miami and take between seven and twelve hours, depending on the length of the stop. Delta flights stop in Atlanta and take seven or eight hours, while United is selling sale seats on Delta codeshare flights. US-American also offers direct flights with travel times of around five hours, but, at the time of writing, they were not included in the sale, remaining at the previous fare level of $700.

Fare sale details

Airlines participating in fare sale: US Airways, American, Delta and United
Start of fare sale: June 24
Fare sale length: We don't expect the sale to last longer than a week
Conditions: Departure dates are available from July to December
Airfare savings: 36% lower than the average price reported in Hopper's flight report on the Philadelphia to Aruba route

Examples of itineraries recently found by fliers

-$447 round-trip between Philadelphia and Aruba on US Airways, Jul 22 to Jul 27
-$461 round-trip between Philadelphia and Aruba on American, Sep 30 to Oct 8
-$469 round-trip between Philadelphia and Aruba on Delta, Nov 9 to Nov 13
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