North American Cities with Direct Flights to Sydney, Australia

See which North American cities offer direct flights to Sydney, see the airlines offering the flights and learn about the price and time differences between direct and connecting flights.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Get a map of the world. Now, join it up at the International Date Line, connecting everything from the Bering Strait down to the South Pacific. Just look at that gaping swathe of great big blue! Nothing less than the world's largest Ocean separates North America from the sunny streets of Sydney and the other melted chocolate box of treats that awaits down under; enough to put even the most intrepid of traveler off their plans for a quick jaunt south.

But never fear, a solution is at hand, and it comes in the form of a handful of direct flights from North America to Sydney International Airport. Check them out…

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Photo by Geee Kay/Flickr.

Dallas direct to Sydney on Qantas for $1,499 round trip, on average

A real contender for the 'world's longest flight', this direct connection from Dallas Fort Worth to Sydney International Airport will take nearly 17.5 hours from beginning to end when it commences in September this year. But don't the length deter you, because Australia's Qantas has fielded its all-new Airbus A380 for the route, complete with its award-winning first class cabin, noise-reduction technology, energy-efficient fuel consumption and collection of bespoke design accolades.

Travelers who search for and purchase their tickets from Dallas to Sydney on a Sunday can save up to $163 per ticket!

Honolulu direct to Sydney on Hawaiian or Jetstar for $1,095 round trip, on average

For round-the-worlders looking for a neat little connection across the South Pacific, from the extreme western cusp of America to Australia's eastern edge (the perfect place from where to launch your further exploration of Oz), these Hawaiian Airlines and Jetstar (a subsidiary of Qantas) routes are the perfect option. With a quick flight time of 10 hours and typical fares hovering at just over $1,000, passengers on the routes enjoy some of the speediest and most wallet-friendly connections from North America to Australia on offer.

Fiji's Air Pacific offers a connecting flight from Honolulu to Sydney via Fiji for only $865 round trip.

Los Angeles direct to Sydney on Delta, Qantas, or United for $1,500 round trip, on average

If you're done honing your surf skills on the curling waves of the LA beaches and want to try the Pacific swells from a totally different angle, then why not jump on one of these direct connections from Los Angeles International with either Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, or Australia's own Qantas. Flight times take around 14.5 hours from start to finish, and travelers can expect to pay anywhere in the region of $1,100 to $1,500 depending on the time of year. Still, surf's up and Bondi awaits!

Travelers willing to stop in Honolulu on their way from Los Angeles to Sydney can save up to $200 per ticket!

San Francisco direct to Sydney on United for $1,716 round trip, on average

It's been said that there's something curiously similar between America's free-thinking capital of beatnik bohemianism and Australia's glitzy metropolis of energetic youths and uncompromising eccentrics, but whatever it is, you're going to have to peer beneath the surface to find it. And what better way to do just that than on this United Airlines direct connection from the San Francisco International Airport? It takes just over 14 hours, can cost as little as $1,716 round trip and flies daily.

Fliers who fly on Hawaiian from SFO to Sydney via Honolulu can save up to $400 on their tickets!

Vancouver direct to Sydney on Air Canada for $1,526 round trip, on average

From one of the world's most breath-taking cityscapes, with its snow dusted North Shore Mountains and icy blue Strait of Georgia, to another, with its iconic harborside architecture and sun-scorched beaches, in just under 15 hours — that's what this direct Air Canada route out of Vancouver International can do. While the journey may not come cheap (with the lowest recorded air fares coming in at $1,297), it's nonetheless one of the quickest ways to hop the Pacific from Canada, for a jaunt in the land down under.

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