One Weekend in Las Vegas

Want to go hard but only have one weekend in Vegas? Here's how to get the full experience.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Good day and welcome, thank you for coming. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go nuts for a weekend in Las Vegas… who’s not going to accept that mission?!? When you’re in the thick of it, a Vegas weekend can seem all too fleeting, with too much to do and not enough time. However, with a little planning you can fit everything you want to do into those short days and nights, and come home with some epic stories to tell (or maybe ones that shouldn’t be told).

Feel free to rock Vegas as only you know how, but if you need some ideas here are our suggestions for your weekend Las Vegas getaway itinerary:

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Friday Night: Light eats and cocktails at your hotel

First night in town, you want to stay light on your feet. Don’t do a buffet, all that grub will put you into a food coma. Settle in at a lounge to have a few drinks, snack on tapas or appetizers, and get the party started. A lounge gives you a little bit of everything, which is a good way to kick off your weekend. A few of our favorites are Red Square at Mandalay Bay, Bellagio’s Hyde, The Deuce Lounge at ARIA, and The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan. You’re off to the races!

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Friday Night: Hit the Casinos

Friday night is a great night to hit the casinos and work out your gambling bug: you have a lot of energy, your wallet is still intact, and confidence is high. If you win, your weekend is paid for and you’re playing with the house’s money. If you lose, throttle back on the gambling and focus on dining, entertainment, and hanging out with friends. Use your Friday night to set the stage for the entire weekend.

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Saturday Morning: recharge with more sleep or brunch

Saturday morning is optional: if you went hard Friday night, get some extra sleep and skip straight to brunch. If you find the energy to rally, this is your chance to fuel up for Round Two, and Hash House A Go Go offers what might be the best breakfast in town. There are three locations in Vegas, all of them offer just what the doctor ordered after a long night of revelry: huge menu, farm fresh ingredients, massive portions, and a full bar so you can partake of some hair o’ the dog that bit you. Blast off!

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Saturday: take in the betting tables


Whether you went the breakfast route or this is your first meal of the day, keep this one light -- you’re going to eat big again at dinner. Find a nice sportsbook -- Caesars Palace and MGM Grand are two of our faves -- and snack on some wings while you take in the games or bet the horses. If you want the same experience with a little more menu variety, try Lagasse’s Stadium, which gives you sportsbook perks along with Emeril’s home cooking.

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Saturday Afternoon: Treat yourself (You deserve it!)

This is when you indulge in a little pampering, go ahead and spend the money because you’re worth it. Call up your hotel concierge and order a massage, and get the full hour treatment. Now you’re ready for the pool, go ahead and rent a cabana because that gives you a place to either relax in style, or a venue for party central. Soak up some sun, splash around, meet new friends, and plan your attack for the night.

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Saturday: Hotel buffets - Vegas' other tradition of excess

Okay, now it’s buffet time! You’ve had time to jump your clock up to Vegas speed, you should be able to crush a buffet without having it crush you. The buffets at Caesars Palace, Wynn, and Bellagio all offer a venue that blends quality with the quantity, and why come to Vegas if you’re going to skimp on your buffet treats? Dive in headfirst and know that you will have your buffet cravings conquered until your next trip to Sin City.

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Saturday Evening: Put on your adult pants and hit a show

There are two ways to take your Saturday night, both emphasize the unique entertainment options that Vegas offers. Option A: It’s showtime! Now is your chance to see Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, Penn & Teller, Céline Dion, or any of the other dozens of great shows in town. Get yourself a nice seat. Option B: Let’s go clubbing! Las Vegas is ground zero for some of the world’s hottest clubs, including TAO at The Venetian, ARIA’s Haze Nightclub, Body English at the Hard Rock, and XS at Encore. Remember in either case to dress to impress.

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Sunday: Dig into the best brunch in America

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That’s right, skip the morning and transition straight into brunch -- this is a great time to begin your recharge and prep for the inevitable return to the real world. But this is your last morning in Vegas so you might as well do it in style with brunch at Bally’s Sterling, which has gained a rep as maybe the best brunch in America. The price is steep at $85, but for that handsome fee you’re getting champagne, lobster tails, sushi, caviar, iced shellfish, dessert crepes, duck breast, hand sliced prime rib, chocolate crème brûlée… need we go on?

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Sunday: Go back and do your favorite thing again - just end it with a cocktail

Time to start winding it down, it’s almost time to go home. One last tour through the casino gives you a chance to really win big (if you’re already up), or maybe claw a little back (if the tables haven’t treated you right). If you lose, the upside is your gambling jones will be cured for a while. Sip on a cocktail or two, maybe in a nice relaxing lounge. Then gather your gear, say your goodbyes, and head off to the airport. One more beer at an airport bar should help you settle in for a nice nap on the plane. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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