The 10 Cheapest Flights from Boston

Want to take a trip on the cheap? These are the 10 cheapest flights out of Boston's Logan International Airport, on average. Enjoy!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Subterranean blues bars in the Windy City. The roaring cascades of Niagara Falls. Sound good? Would-be fliers looking to depart out of Boston, New England's largest air hub, may just be surprised at the sheer wealth of amazing American destinations that are on offer ... and for a bargain at that. So if you find yourself pining for a weekend away or are counting the pennies for your next holiday, then be sure to check out this selection of the 10 cheapest flights from Boston's Logan International Airport.

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10. Fly from Boston to Chicago, Illinois, for $156 round trip

If you've ticked off all the cultural musts of Boston and are looking for the next big stepping stone across America, then why not consider one of these quick hops over the Great Lakes to the bubbling metropolis of Chicago, with its enthralling Museum Campus, smoky blues bars, side-splitting comedy clubs and cosmopolitan inner-city districts — from Chinatown to Little Italy. Seats on the direct Spirit Airlines connection between the two cities is priced at a healthy average of just $156 this year, which should leave you plenty of room in the budget for those deep-pan pizza pies!

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9. Fly from Boston to Raleigh, North Carolina, for $153 round trip

Perhaps you're looking to break up your jaunt along the Eastern Seaboard with a stopover in one of the country's burgeoning cityscapes? Maybe you're just eager to explore North Carolina's State Capitol and the stomping grounds of its iconic teams, from the Mudcats to the Hurricanes? Or is that famous state fair calling you from afar, with its promises of southern barbeques and Twinkie-touting concession stands? Whatever it is that's got you wanting to head down to the City of Oaks this year, these $153 roundtrip fares with JetBlue from Boston are the perfect ticket into town!

8. Fly from Boston to Washington DC (DCA) for $146 round trip

If Boston is the "Cradle of Modern America," then surely Washington DC is its greatest creation yet; a city where the Stars & Stripes fly endlessly overhead and visitors are invited to wander between the monumental rises of the National Mall, the iconic White House and the prestigious mansions of Georgetown. If that's got you thinking then be sure to check out these flights from Boston's Logan International to the capital this year, which are priced at an attractive $146 round trip, flying with either US Airways or budget carrier JetBlue.

7. Fly from Boston to Richmond, Virginia, for $133 round trip

Travelers looking to make the quick 1.5-hour hop south to Virginia's state capital this year really do have the pick of the bunch when it comes to airlines, with Delta, JetBlue and US Airways all flying the route from Boston's Logan International regularly. Of the three, we've discovered that it's budget flier JetBlue that offers the cheapest tickets on average, while passengers needing checked baggage or any other extras should be sure to consult our Airline Fees Calculator, to see which carrier can really boast the lowest fares!

6. Fly from Boston to Washington DC (IAD) for $132 round trip

Our second bargain route into the nation's capital this year leaves fliers out of Boston's Logan International at the Washington Dulles Airport, just a touch west of central D.C and in the perfect location from which to explore some of northern Virginia's more off-the-beaten-track hotspots before heading into town. So, why not grab one of these super-cheap $132 round trip tickets with JetBlue and add a jaunt to the wild thickets of the Prince William Forest Park, or the roaring Great Falls on the Potomac to your itinerary?

5. Fly from Boston to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for $124 round trip

Famed for its wealth of dive bars, brew houses and hedonistic resident student population, it's easy to see why Boston locals on break from their Ivy League institutions may want to hop on one of these bargain air connections to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheapest fares on the route are currently going with US Airways, whose average seat price comes in at an attractive $124. That should leave plenty of cash to splash on the bubbling nightlife strips of the city's South Side Flats, don't you think?

Fliers with US Airways are sure to get to Pittsburgh on time, as it's one of the least delayed airlines in America!

4. Fly from Boston to Baltimore, Maryland, for $118 round trip

Once you're done ogling at the sights of the Liberty Trail and the monuments of Beacon Hill, then why not take a trip down the coast, to the Atlantic windswept city of Baltimore, where the nation's famous Star Spangled Banner was first penned by Francis Scott Key and the historic streets of Fells Point still echo with the sounds of ships coming from across the Pond. At just $118 round trip with JetBlue Airways this year, the route is amongst the cheapest nonstop flights out of Boston's Logan International.

3. Fly from Boston to Buffalo, New York, for $118 round trip

Whether you come to pretty little Buffalo to explore its looming Art Deco architecture, get lost amidst its smattering of fantastic museums, or for the ubiquitous jaunt to the roaring Niagara Falls just an hour's ride to the north, then these super-cheap $118 round trip tickets have got you covered. Direct flights on the route are run by JetBlue, US Airways and American Airlines, with possible extra savings for those leaving during early-November, booking on Wednesdays and returning mid-week.

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2. Fly from Boston to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for $107 round trip

If Boston's done and dusted and you're having withdrawal symptoms from your daily dose of US history, then what could be better than a quick jaunt across the Mid-Atlantic to the self-proclaimed "Birthplace of America" — home to the iconic Constitution Hall, the cracked Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence? With an eye-watering price tag of just $107 round trip, flights with JetBlue or US Airways to Philadelphia International are among some of the cheapest on offer from Boston's Logan Airport this season.

1. Fly from Boston to New York City (EWR) for $98 round trip

Forget that five-hour jaunt through the steamy traffic lanes of Interstate 95 and grab one of these super-cheap air connections between Boston and the Big Apple this year instead. Coming in at just $98 round trip, passengers with either JetBlue Airways or United can be sipping Long Island ice teas in Manhattan's rooftop bars after just over one hour in the air. Oh, and of course, with plenty more cash saved to splash around the city!

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