The 10 Cheapest Flights from Atlanta

These 10 destinations offer the best deals when flying from Atlanta. Theme parks, art museums and beaches, all are possible for less than $200 return.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Travelers looking to get away from the heat and traffic of Atlanta for a few days need look no further than this list of the 10 cheapest flights from Atlanta. Ranging in price from $100 to $215, these destinations are close to Atlanta and the tickets are cheap, so book and be merry.

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10. Fly to Houston, Texas, from Atlanta for as low as $238 return

Flights from Atlanta to Houston average about $238; however, some flights can be as low as $154 on a good ticket-buying day. That day for the Atlanta-Houston route is Sunday, when booking tickets can be up to $43 cheaper than other days of the week. Check out Spirit Airlines for the best fares, which are sometimes priced as low as $157. If you’re going to check a bag, however, it’s best to use Hopper’s airline fees calculator to see how much extra you’ll have to shell out to Spirit.

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9. Fly to Miami, Florida, from Atlanta for as cheap as $224 return

The flight to Miami is well worth the two-hour travel time from Atlanta because of its lively party scene and almost-always, beach-friendly weather. Travelers can get a tan during the day and go flaunt it in the Miami club scene at night. Plus, flights are only $224 for a nonstop flight. So leave in the morning and be beach-ready by the afternoon.

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8. Fly to Orlando, Florida, from Atlanta for as low as $222 return

A visit to see Mickey Mouse is simple when flying from Atlanta to Orlando. The 1.5-hour flight is quick and reasonably priced, averaging $222 round-trip. AirTran Airways offers the best deals, with some flights being as cheap as $180. That $31 savings can be used towards a stylish pair of Mickey or Minnie ears to get the kids into the Disney spirit.

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7. Fly to Raleigh, North Carolina, from Atlanta for as cheap as $218 return

The distance between Atlanta and Raleigh is only 356 miles, which means it’s just a quick one-hour flight from Atlanta. Most of the traffic on the route is business travelers looking to get to the Research Triangle in a pinch. Leisure travelers, however, could take the time to enjoy the vibrant town of Chapel Hill, which is set around the University of North Carolina.

6. Fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from Atlanta for as low as $173 return

Fort Lauderdale is a hop, skip and a jump from Atlanta, with flights averaging less than two hours. For those Georgians looking to have some fun in the sun, Fort Lauderdale is also an affordable getaway, as tickets average about $173, and flying here is an easy way to save $50 on your flights to Miami. Book your flight to return on a Wednesday and you can save up to $44 — cash that can be used towards a seafood dinner or two.

5. Fly to Atlantic City, New Jersey, for as cheap as $148 return

A last-minute weekend of gambling is just two hours away if you’re flying from Atlanta to Atlantic City. Plus, tickets come cheap, averaging about $148 round-trip. Fly out on a Wednesday and you can save up to $60, while returning on a Wednesday can also save you up to $38. That means more money to spend at the blackjack table.

4. Fly to Washington, D.C., from Atlanta for as low as $135 return

Tickets on this route average about $135, although some lucky travelers have found flights for as cheap as $98. The quick hour-and-45-minute flight gets travelers to D.C. so fast that they’ll be visiting the White House in no time. Make sure to visit the National Mall nearby to take in the nation’s historic monuments, museums and memorials.

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3. Fly to Cleveland, Ohio, from Atlanta for as cheap as $128 return

As Drew Carey might say, "Cleveland rocks!" That’s especially true when it comes to flight prices out of Atlanta, which average about $128. Nonstop flights are a mere hour and 45 minutes, meaning you can get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in less than a few hours. Cleveland also has a pretty impressive collection of art museums, so high culture fans will not be disappointed either.

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2. Fly to Trenton, New Jersey, from Atlanta for as low as $128 return

Flights to Trenton, N.J., from Atlanta average about $128; however, some lucky travelers have found deals as cheap as $94. Frontier Airlines offers the best deals on nonstop, two-hour flights. Trenton is located just across the state line from Philadelphia, which means its airport is a great place to fly into for those wishing to visit the City of Brotherly Love.

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1. Fly to Wilmington, Delaware, from Atlanta for as cheap as $94 return

The least expensive flight out of Atlanta is to Wilmington, Del, with rates averaging $94 for a nonstop flight on Frontier. The flight is a quick two hours, and in no time, you can be in the largest city of the very first state declared in the United States. The ATL-ILG route is by far the cheapest route for the area, with savings up to $508 compared to surrounding airports. Once in Wilmington, visitors can check out the Firefly music festival, hit the beach at nearby Rehoboth and Dewey Beaches or make the quick 40-minute drive into Philadelphia.

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