The 10 Cheapest International Flights from Seattle

Looking to get out of Seattle and explore Europe, Asia or Central America? The following rundown of the 10 cheapest international flights from Seattle–Tacoma International Airport will help you on your way to your dream vacation!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

From its location on the USA's north-western tip, Seattle is actually an excellent starting point for international travel. By analyzing the results of millions of individual airfare searches, we've calculated the ten cheapest international flights embarking from the city's airport, generating a list that contains a remarkable diversity of destinations. While most head west to touch down in the Far East, Seattleites seeking a bargain vacation to far-flung lands can also cross the Atlantic to visit Europe, or journey south to the sun and sand of some of Mexico's finest resort towns, including the legends that are Cabo San Lucas and Cancun.

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10. Fly from Seattle to Bangkok, Thailand, for as low as $834 round trip

Bangkok is a great destination for all sorts of travelers, whether backpackers drawn to the hippie haven of Khao San Road, spirituality seekers keen to visit intricate temples such as Wat Pho, or affluent city hoppers hungry for luxury hotels and top-end dining. Getting there and back from Seattle is pretty simple, although to get the low prices you'll have to exert a little patience. All flights involve connections, and the cheapest, with EVA Air, take at least 20 hours to reach Bangkok.

9. Fly from Seattle to Shanghai, China, for as low as $805 round trip

Shanghai, still shaped by the international settlements that helped make it China's biggest and most developed metropolis, can feel in parts like a patchwork of the world's countries all stitched together into one city. In other areas, such as the historic Old City or picturesque Yuyuan Gardens, it's distinctly Chinese, a mix that makes it a uniquely fascinating destination to discover. Doing so is cheap with Hainan Airlines, whose route has two connections and a journey time of 30 hours. Alternatively, get there in 12 on direct flights with Delta that cost around $200 more.

8. Fly from Seattle to Manila, the Philippines, for as low as $785 round trip

Manila, the sprawling, shambling and endlessly inventive capital of the Philippines, will make Seattle seem like a provincial town. It has lively food, music and art scenes, not to mention the incredible sunsets over Manila Bay. But despite all these joys, the city's congestion and pollution get too much for most travelers after a few weeks in the city. This isn't really a problem, though, as they can just jump out to the unbelievable beaches of the Central Visayas islands or the fascinating cultural sights of Southern Mindanao. All flights from Seattle involve connections, and the cheapest are operated by EVA, with a flight time of around 20 hours.

7. Fly from Seattle to Reykjavik, Iceland, for as low as $764 round trip

You have to cross the entire breadth of America just to reach the Atlantic, but Icelandair still manage to operate a highly affordable direct route between Seattle and Reykjavik. Tickets can cost as little as $750 and the journey takes under eight hours, so if you're looking for somewhere a little different for your next vacation, the natural wonders and small-city pleasures of Iceland might be a perfect choice.

6. Fly from Seattle to Hong Kong, China, for as low as $762 round trip

There are excellent flight connections between Seattle and Hong Kong, with EVA offering the cheapest flights, involving one connection and a journey time of around 16 hours. Delta also operate speedy direct flights that usually cost only $30 or $40 more. Once they've arrived, travelers can experience Hong Kong's unique blend of East and West, its traditional Chinese and notably Victorian architecture, its world-class dining scene, and the fast-paced vibe of one of the world's most dynamic and rapidly evolving cities.

5. Fly from Seattle to Beijing, China, for as low as $685 round trip

More fantastic connections are available between Seattle and the Chinese capital of Beijing. The cheapest are with United and take around twenty hours with one connection, but for only $30 more you can halve that travel time by flying direct with Delta. Beijing is over 3,000 years old, and its mix of history ancient (the Forbidden City, the Great Wall) and modern (Tiananmen Square, the many memorials to Chairman Mao) is sure to entrance any curious traveler.

4. Fly from Seattle to San Jose, Costa Rica, for as low as $670 round trip

With 5% of the world's biodiversity contained within only 0.03% of its landmass, several active volcanoes, flourishing rainforests blanketing the interior, and both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, it's hardly surprising that Costa Rica has grown into one of the world's premier destinations for eco-tourism. And the country has done a remarkable job of combining its booming tourist trade with concern for the environment, as it was named the world's greenest, happiest country by the New Economics Foundation in 2012. Seattleites can get to this nature lovers' paradise for $670 with connecting United flights that have a journey time of just over 11 hours.

3. Fly from Seattle to Cancun, Mexico, for as low as $475 round trip

Mayan ruins and manic nightlife, sumptuous dining and superlative beaches keep Cancun among the world's most popular resort destinations. If you fancy joining the sun-seekers flying into Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, you've got a range of options from Seattle International. United operate the cheapest flights, with one connection and a travel time of between eight and 15 hours. Or speed things up with direct Alaska flights, which take only seven hours but cost several hundred dollars more.

2. Fly from Seattle to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for as low as $416 round trip

Puerto Rico's capital is a glorious historic palimpsest, with architectural gems stretching from 16th-century Spanish forts and churches to 1920s art deco extravagance. But none of this disturbs the city's atmosphere of ordered calm, and its Old Town, where narrow, balcony-shaded streets run between cafes, restaurants and a wealth of colonial buildings, is one of the most pleasant places to take a stroll in the Caribbean. Beyond the city itself stretch idyllic beaches and verdant jungle, while a particularly striking sight is the bioluminescent plankton that drapes the sand and water of the neighboring Isla de Vieques. All flights from Seattle involve connections, and United operate the cheapest, which are just as quick as any other option.

1. Fly from Seattle to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for as low as $399 round trip

Cabo San Lucas has been utterly transformed by the arrival of international tourism: where once only a few fishing boats and lobster nets bobbed on a tranquil tide, now glittering ranks of resorts and hotels tower over the beaches below. But somehow, alongside the championship golf courses and world-class restaurants, Cabo has retained some of its old charm, with panoramic views from Land's End and atmospheric 300-year-old churches within the town itself. United flights are frequently available from Seattle for under $400, with one connection and a flight time of ten hours, or you can slash your travel time in half by flying direct with Alaska for around $80 more.

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