The 10 Longest Non-stop Flights from Atlanta

Hopper rounds up the 10 most exotic locations for travelers to escape Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International AIrport (ATL).

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

One thing's for sure: There's no shortage of far-flung destinations for Atlanta locals to explore. Not with the city's colossal Hartsfield–Jackson International now ranking as the busiest airport on the planet for several years running! But what are the most exotic flight options going from the city, and which carriers connect the self-proclaimed cultural capital of the South with the most distant destinations around the globe? To answer just that question, we at Hopper have put together this list of the 10 longest non-stop flights from Atlanta, to give would-be passengers a little food for thought, fuel for wanderlust, or just plain old inspiration for planning your jaunts in 2015 — enjoy!

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10. Atlanta to Stuttgart, Germany, on Delta is 4,664 miles and 9 hours

Setting the ball rolling here with an offering of sweet German wines, high-ranking fine-dining and some seriously mind-boggling modernist architecture is the city of Stuttgart, which is currently serviced by the 10th longest nonstop flight departing from Atlanta. The connection is operated by Delta Air Lines, who have recently upgraded the Boeing 767-­300s used on the route to include their trademark full flat-bed seats in business and private 10.6­-inch entertainment screens besides.

9. Atlanta to Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Delta is 4,677 miles and 9.5 hours

The first destination on this list to hail from the sunny region of South America comes in the form of sprawling Sao Paulo, which sits perched on Brazil's coastal highlands just to the west of Rio de Janeiro. It's the perfect choice for city-loving travelers eager to lose themselves in a cacophony of Latin carnivals and colorful Brazilian life. Sao Paulo is also great for those looking to make a beeline for the famous beaches at Guaruja and Ubatuba. Flights into town from Atlanta will take around 9.5 hours in total, covering around 4,677 miles in the air!

8. Atlanta to Santiago de Chile, Chile, on Delta is 4,734 miles and 9.5 hours

Shrouded by the mighty, snow-dusted peaks of the Andes and boasting ski resorts, wine cellars, samba bars, shopping centers and a range of chart-topping Pacific beaches to boot, Chile's capital is unquestionably one of the most action-packed metropolises serviced by non-stop flights out of Atlanta. Travelers making the journey down south can expect to spend approximately 9.5 hours in the air and pay around $1,384 for round-trip tickets with Delta Air Lines.

7. Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Delta is 4,766 miles and 9.5 hours

Hopping straight across the Mexican Gulf and the heart of the Caribbean, these 4,766-mile flights see travelers out of Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport reach the shimmering beaches and seaside boulevards of Rio de Janeiro. Passengers shouldn't worry too much about the hefty 9.5-hour flight time, either, because Delta now offer first-class travelers their fully reclining flat-bed seats on the journey. Of course, there's bound to be plenty of time for recuperation on Copacabana or Ipanema after arrival.

6. Atlanta to Munich, Germany, on Delta is 4,782 miles and 9 hours

Yes, Atlanta's got the cocktail joints, and the Deep South will always be the king of bourbon-based beverages, but when it comes to beer, there can only be one real contender: Munich. Head in for the happy, hoppy days of Oktoberfest in late September, when the whole city transforms into a bustling mass of Bavarian oompah tents, frothy beer dives and smoky sausage stands. Or come when the crowds disperse, to sip draft brews from the city's medieval cellars on the fields of the English Garden. Either way, these long non-stop connections with Delta Air Lines are the perfect ticket into town!

5. Atlanta to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Delta is 4,987 miles and 10 hours

Our final pick from the tropical climes of South America sees Atlanta locals transported to the heady heart of Argentina, where the kaleidoscopic homes of La Boca mingle with the Spanish colonial treasures of San Telmo. Expect to spend around 10 hours in the air on flights into Buenoes Aires' Ministro Pistarini International Airport, covering just shy of 5,000 miles in the process!

4. Atlanta to Tokyo, Japan, on Delta is 6,866 miles and 14.5 hours

The sprawling and electrifying metropolis of Tokyo guarantees entertainment no matter the type of traveler. For city lovers, the largest metro area on the planet means countless museums, eateries and nightlife spots, while those who prefer the great outdoors can make a beeline for places like the soaring heights of Mount Fuji or the hot springs of Hakone. What's more, getting to Tokyo has never been easier for Atlanta locals, because these 6,866­-mile flights now run non-stop between the two cities daily.

3. Atlanta to Seoul, South Korea, on Korean Air is 7,125 miles and 15 hours

Forget that usual Friday night jaunt to Waffle House or Arby's, because Seoul awaits on the other end of the third longest non-stop connection out of Atlanta, and that means oodles of divine holes-in-the-wall in Gangnam, a taste­bud­-tingling mix of hotpot soups and kimchi vegetables, and whole evenings of anju sides washed down with Korean homebrews. Oh, and the gourmet "farm to fly" food offering from Korean Air on the way into town is pretty darn fantastic, too.

2. Atlanta to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Delta is 7,586 miles and 14 hours

It's no secret that Dubai is a city that does everything to the max — from the soaring spires of the Burj Khalifa to the sprawling shopping strips of the Mall of the Emirates and the snowy pistes of the city's indoor ski resort. That makes these long non-stop flights with Delta Air Lines seem a somewhat apt way of getting into town! Expect to spend approximately 14 hours in the air from departure to arrival, before gliding down through the city's shiny high rises and into the runways of high­-tech Dubai International.

1. Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa, on Delta is 8,439 miles and 15 hours

Every inch the vibrant and happening heart of the Rainbow Nation, Jo'burg is a jazzy metropolis of epic proportions, offering historical interest by the boatload at spots like the Apartheid Museum, oodles of earthy marketplaces, and — of course — the perfect jumping-off point for those bucket list safaris amidst the wild lands of Kruger National Park. Atlanta locals have even more reasons to get excited about this one, because the town is now connected to Hartsfield–Jackson by these long non-stop flights on Delta Air Lines.

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