The 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights from Dallas

Travelers from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) will find several options for traveling to Asia, the Middle East and South America. Hopper rounds up the longest - and most affordable - flights.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

A regular mention on lists of the world's largest airports, sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth International now not only plays host to more than 60 million passengers annually, but also has its very own ZIP code! For Texan locals looking to break away from the Deep South for a holiday in the more exotic and far flung reaches of the world, that means oodles of opportunities; with countless nonstop connections now departing from the runways here to destinations in Asia, the Middle East and South America. For those passengers looking to get as far away as possible, this list of the longest direct connections on offer out of DFW is a must, encompassing the heady metropolises of Shanghai and Beijing, alongside the dusty deserts of Persia.

10. Dallas to Buenos Aires, Argentina on American is 5,285 miles and 10.5 hours

The only flights to a South American destination to make this list of the longest nonstop air connections on offer out of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport come in the form of these routes into sprawling Buenos Aires, which sits strewn out along the Argentine coast some 5,285 miles to the south of Texas' biggest town. They are run by American Airlines, who charge an average of $1,394 for return trip tickets and take approximately 10.5 hours in the air before arrival.

9. Dallas to Tokyo, Japan on American is 6,463 miles and 13.5 hours

Touting more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city on the planet and everything from earthy Japanese food halls to sprawling sushi courts besides, Tokyo is certainly the place to go for a break from the usual Tex-Mex staples of Dallas this year. What's more, the town is now accessible on nonstop routes with American Airlines, which are also the ninth longest on offer from DFW Airport overall, taking approximately 13.5 hours in the air and covering a colossal 6,464 miles!

8. Dallas to Seoul, South Korea on Korean is 6,829 miles and 14.5 hours

A former World Design Capital and a proud UNESCO City of Design, South Korea's biggest metropolis bursts forth from its place on the meandering banks of the Han River in a medley of super-swish high-rises and ancient palaces worthy of its 2,000 year history. Travelers out of DFW eager to explore the city's happening streets should be sure to check out these lengthy nonstop connections with flag carrier Korean Air, which last around 14.5 hours from take-off to arrival.

7. Dallas to Beijing, China on American is 6,991 miles and 14.5 hours

Set to join American Airlines' already eclectic line-up of Asian destinations on offer on nonstop flights out of Dallas-Fort Worth International is the capital of the People's Republic, Beijing, which will be served by a daily connection from May 2015 onwards. The route will also figure as the seventh longest direct flight on offer from DFW overall, covering a whopping 6,991 miles before dropping passengers between Tiananmen Square, the burgeoning streets of the 798 Arts Zone, and the UNESCO-attested Forbidden City.

6. Dallas to Shanghai, China on American is 7,365 miles and 15 hours

Our second pick from the People's Republic will take Texan locals to the sprawling reaches of China's second city, where the bubbling marketplaces and historic temples of the Yuyuan Gardens rub shoulders with soaring high-rises like the Oriental Pearl Tower and the shimmering Shanghai World Financial Center. Routes into town will take approximately 15 hours in total and cover a whopping 7,365 miles across the entire breadth of the continental U.S. and the great Pacific Ocean.

5. Dallas to Doha, Qatar on Qatar is 7,923 miles and 14.75 hours

A Texan local's ticket to the host nation of the 2022 World Cup, these flights between Dallas and the capital of Qatar occupy a midway position on this list of the longest nonstop air connections departing out of DFW. Passengers hoping to make the direct hop straight across the Atlantic should be sure to gear themselves up for a ride of nearly 15 hours, and expect to pay in the region of $1,360 for round trip seats on the route.

4. Dallas to Abu Dhabi, UAE on Etihad is 8,057 miles and 15 hours

Encompassed by a sea of rolling sand dunes and the shimmering beaches of the Persian Gulf, and awash with mind-boggling architectural feats straight out of the future, the city of Abu Dhabi is surely one of the most enticing in the entire Middle East. Today, passengers out of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport can touchdown here after just 15 hours in the air, going nonstop on UAE's national flag carrier Etihad for approximately $1,045 round trip!

3. Dallas to Dubai, UAE on Emirates is 8,057 miles and 14.5 hours

Few airlines say 'luxury' like Emirates, who have won multiple accolades and awards for their first class cabin and now offer private suite accommodation to travelers on their Airbus A380s, complete with individual vanity tables, bespoke wine lists and even an on-board Shower Spa! Granted tickets for passengers eager to enjoy those services may soar well above the average $984 for the route, but with 14.5 hours to travel in the air, it may just be worth it!

2. Dallas to Hong Kong, China on American is 8,123 miles and 17 hours

The second lengthiest nonstop flight currently departing from the runways of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport sees Texan locals transported to the heady streets of Hong Kong, where the mysterious monasteries and hidden sand stretches of Lantau Island and the soaring mountains of Sai Kung coalesce around the throbbing heart of Victoria Harbour. Expect to pay around $1,090 for return trip tickets on the route, taking a whopping 17 hours in the air from departure to arrival.

1. Dallas to Sydney, Australia on Qantas is 8,596 miles and 17 hours

Forget Dallas' smoky brisket dishes and Tex-Mex tacos, because its barbequed shrimp under the suns of Bondi and Noosa Heads that awaits travelers on the longest nonstop flight out of DFW this year. The route is run by Aussie national flag carrier Qantas, takes a whopping 17 hours from departure to arrival, covers more than 8,500 miles in the air and currently holds the record as the longest single direct air connection on the planet! Whoever said that average $1,568 price tag wasn't a bargain?

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