The 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights from Vancouver

Vancouver (YVR) is a great starting point for far-flung places, like Taipei or Munich. Hopper checked its data to find which flights are longest, yet still affordable.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Sitting perched out on Sea Island just south of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia's largest international airport now handles nearly 20 million passengers every year. And with its booming customer base, it now also touts countless connections to airports right across the globe. If you've been thinking about hopping on one of the many jets departing from Vancouver International this year, then be sure to check out this list of the longest nonstop flights on offer from its runways, which take travelers to far flung cities like hi-tech Taipei, beer-mad Munich or the sunny climes of Australian Sydney to name just a few.

10. Vancouver to Munich, Germany on Lufthansa is 8,354 kilometers and 10 hours

Vancouverites with a penchant for frothy beer and succulent German bratwursts pay attention, because these nonstop connections from YVR take passengers into the depths of Bavaria, where legendary breweries sit in the shade of soaring Alpine peaks and skiers fresh from the slopes wander between the Odeonsplatz and the leafy swaths of the English Garden. Don't expect a snappy landing though, because flights take approximately 10 hours from start to finish and cover more than 8,000 kilometers in the air!

9. Vancouver to Beijing, China on Air China is 8,524 kilometers and 11 hours

Whether you come to get lost between the imperial wealth of the Qing and Ming dynasties at the Forbidden City, survey the iconic streets of Tiananmen Square, discover the ancient treasures lurking in China's National Museum, head out to the bucket list stretches of the Great Wall, or sample spicy Peking duck and aromatic noodles amidst the tight-knit alleyways of Dongcheng, these lengthy air connections from Vancouver International will get you on the streets of Beijing as quickly as possible—skipping stopovers in favour of an 11 hour jaunt straight across the Pacific!

8. Vancouver to Shanghai, China on China Eastern is 9,037 kilometers and 12 hours

Few cities promise action and adventure like Shanghai, a sprawling patchwork of metropolitan districts, shimmering skyscrapers and sleepless marketplaces that's home to more than 24 million people along the Chinese coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Few cities can claim a longer nonstop flight time from Vancouver too, with these indirect routes with China Eastern totaling up to more than 9,000 kilometers and a whopping 12 hours in the air from departure to arrival!

7. Vancouver to Taipei, Taiwan on China Airlines is 9,582 kilometers and 13 hours

This colossal hop across the whole Pacific Ocean into the depths of the South China Sea sees Vancouver locals transported to the heady, hi-tech global metropolis of Taipei; where the soaring heights of the great Taipei International Financial Center rub shoulders with the mysterious Buddhist rises of the gilded Mengjia Longshan Temple, and a land of rolling tea paddies and misty mountains lurks on the peripheries. Expect a whopping 13 hour flight before landing in town, going on the Taiwanese flag carrier China Airlines.

6. Vancouver to Chengdu, Sichuan on Sichuan is 9,988 kilometers and 13 hours

A Canadian's ticket to the bucket list sites of Chengdu's giant panda reserve, the fascinating monastery at Wenshu Yua and the revered Taoist heights of Mount Qingcheng, this connection between Vancouver International and the provincial capital of Sichuan is no mean feat; taking 13 hours in total and covering just shy of 10,000 kilometers in the air. It's operated by regional carrier Sichuan Airlines, who currently run between the two cities three times a week.

5. Vancouver to Guangzhou, China on China Southern is 10,236 kilometers and 13 hours

Travelers out of the Vancouver International Airport who've made it to the gingko-peppered urban parks, winding Pearl River banks and heady inner-city districts of sprawling Guangzhou should be sure to give themselves a pat on the back this year, because the connection rates as the fourth longest nonstop flight available from YVR overall! In total, it takes just over 13 hours in the air and covers a whopping 10,236 kilometers from departure to arrival. Good thing China Southern are running their Boeing 787-8s on the route, complete with trademark 'Experience Luxurious Skybed' technology; in-built massage; 17-inch screens; horizontal reclining seats.

4. Vancouver to Hong Kong, China on Cathay Pacific is 10,260 kilometers and 13 hours

Delivering Vancouver locals to the high-rise downtown of Kowloon and the buzzing metropolitan streets of Victoria Harbour in style are these nonstop flights from award-winning carrier, Cathay Pacific. Travelers on the route can expect to pay just over $800 for round trip tickets, while it will be a little more for those eager to experience the massage chairs, lie-flat booth beds and fine-dining array of mouth-watering Asian creations that come with first class cabin on Cathay's Boeing 777-300ERs.

3. Vancouver to Manila, Philippines on Philippine is 10,563 kilometers and 14 hours

Touting a very daunting flight time of 14 hours and a total distance of more than 10,000 kilometers across the entire width of the great Pacific Ocean, these nonstop connections between Vancouver and the sprawling capital city of Manila occupy a deserved second position on this list. They are operated by flag carrier Philippine Airlines, on the colossal Boeing 777-300ERs, complete with the carrier's trademark on-demand entertainment services, lie-flat seats in Mabuhay Class and all-new in-flight WiFi.

2. Vancouver to Auckland, New Zealand, on Air New Zealand is 11,369 kilometers and 14 hours

Coming in at the penultimate position is this connection to New Zealand with a daunting flight time of 14 hours and more than 11,000 kilometers in the air. They are operated by national flag carrier Air New Zealand, which makes the journey twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays for about C$1451 round trip, on average.

1. Vancouver to Sydney, Australia on Air Canada is 12,514 kilometers and 15.5 hours

Coming in as the longest single nonstop air connections departing from Vancouver are these whopping 15.5 hour flights on national flag carrier Air Canada, which glide for more than 12,500 kilometres across the breadth and height of the Pacific Ocean, before touching down at the Sydney International Airport in Australia. Travelers can expect to pay in the region of $1,262 for round trip tickets on the route, which is just over 10 cents per kilometer in the air—not bad eh?

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