The 5 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in California

Looking to save some money on your next vacation to sunny California? Check out Hopper's list of the five cheapest airports to fly to.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Since brave pioneers first began to explore the Wild West, making their way over the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, California has been a land of dreams, where gold cascades from mountain streams, Hollywood stars are born, and the rhythms of life are — simply put — good. Little has changed today, and there are still millions of Americans looking to hop across the country to catch their own taste of paradise on the West Coast. If you're one of them, then be sure to read on and discover the top five cheapest airports to fly to in California, courtesy of Hopper.

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5. San Francisco

Whether you come to taste authentic kung pao chicken and chop suey in San Francisco's sprawling Chinatown, gawp at the glorious structures of the Golden Gate, weave between the lazy seals and salt-smelling seafood joints of Fisherman's Wharf, or head out along the panoramic coastal highways to the north and south, hitting California via Frisco is sure to save some cash on your journey to the state. An average price tag on flights to the tune of $304 round trip says just that.

4. Oakland

A fine alternative entry point to the more popular San Francisco International for any travelers eager to explore the Bay Area, Oakland International Airport sits a stone's throw from the city's Jack London Square and USS Potomac exhibitions, and just a little further from the Golden Gate and Alcatraz, too. What's more, landing at this one should help save a little extra cash on flights into California as a whole, boasting an average price of just $299 round trip.

3. Santa Ana

If the booming competition for the lowest-priced seats on flights into LAX means prices are high, then don't worry, because hitting the City of Angels via John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana is just as doable and sees only a fraction of the people vying for bargain flights. What's more, the average cost of tickets for domestic connections into this one's runways is nice and low, coming in at around just $299 round trip. (Plus you won't have to deal with the traffic of cheaper but busier airports ... looking at you, LAX.)

2. San Diego

If you've set your heart on golden sands and rolling surf swells, or simply want to rub shoulders with the fashionistas of Laguna or the partiers of Mission Beach, then it may be best to enter the Golden State via San Diego International Airport, which sits just a short drive from the legendary coastline of southern California. What's more, opting for this one could also save you some cash on your ride into town, with average airfare rates here coming in as the second lowest of all destinations in the region at just $298 round trip!

1. Los Angeles

American travelers really looking to save some cash on flights to California this year should be sure to check for flights touching down on the runways of Los Angeles International (LAX). Not only is it one seriously colossal airport (the second largest in the country, in fact), meaning there are now oodles of air connections flying here from destinations right across the United States, but it's also the cheapest to get to in California overall, boasting an average ticket price of just $283 round trip.

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