The 5 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in China

Want to visit Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai without breaking the bank? Hopper puts budget-friendly travel within reach with the following rundown of the five cheapest airports to fly to in China!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

In Sichuan, hot peppers power the foods and the rising foothills of the Himalaya delineate the land — here, ancient Tibet, here, the People's Republic. In Hainan, postcard-perfect beaches are touched by aquamarine waves on the edge of the South China Sea. In Yunnan, tea fields bloom, rice paddies cascade and rickety villages pepper the hilltops all around. Then come the cities: hulking Shanghai, with its gravity-defying creations, and Beijing, still echoing with the Ming and Qing alike. There's nowhere else on the planet quite like China — enthralling, enticing, elusive, daunting and downright beautiful all at once.

If that's got you thinking about making the hop across the Pacific this year, then be sure to read on and discover the five cheapest arrival airports in the country for U.S. travelers, from bright and bubbling Guangzhou to off-the-beaten-track Fuzhou.

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5. Guangzhou

An otherworldly land of neon-lit skyscrapers and upscale riverboats, where super-clubs adorn the street corners next to ginkgo-peppered parks and fascinating historic spots, Guangzhou is one seriously great place to start your travels through China — and not least of all because flights into town are currently sitting at an average of just $884 round trip, making this one of the cheapest arrival points in the country for U.S. travelers.

4. Shanghai

For city lovers, there's arguably no better destination on the planet than sprawling, seething Shanghai, where the Oriental Pearl Tower casts shadows over the food markets of Qibao Town. That said, historic spots at Jiading and Zhujiajiao also beckon away from the city, and oodles of rustic river towns dot the channels of the Yangtze River Delta. What's more, the city's Hongqiao International Airport is rated as the fourth cheapest gateway to the country, with the price of flights from the United States averaging just $876 round trip.

3. Beijing

Whether you come to check out the meandering bulwarks of the Great Wall at spots like Badaling, Huanghuacheng and Simatai, experience the serenity of the Temple of Heaven, ponder avant-garde masterworks in the 798 Art Zone or sample the delights of Peking cuisine, then you can rest assured that getting into Beijing via Capital International Airport won't break the bank. Not when the average price of round-trip tickets on flights from the United States is sitting at just $870!

2. Fuzhou

Although a relatively small and compact airport, handling just 6.5 million passengers each year and perched out on the edge of Fujian province, Fuzhou's Changle International boasts the second cheapest airfare average of all the arrival points in China on flights coming from the United States. Not bad when attractions like the Matsu Islands, the soaring Xichan Temple, the jungle-clad Wuyi Mountains and the energetic inner-city streets of Xiamen are all waiting on the other side, don't you think?

1. Hong Kong

Not only does Hong Kong International trump all other entry points in terms of price, clocking up a truly wallet-friendly average airfare on routes originating in the United States of just $792 round trip, but it's also home to one of the highest-rated airlines in the world. Cathay Pacific offer indirect hops to San Francisco, New York City JFK and Chicago, to name just a few. Oh yeah, and it's perched on the edge of that enthralling megalopolis where misty mountains loom and Lantau Island boasts dolphin pods and Buddha statues alike.

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