The 5 Cheapest Flights from Cleveland to Florida

Flights to Florida from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) are some of the cheapest around. Hopper narrows down the list to five, along with tips for your trip.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

In Miami, Hispanic restaurants burst with ceviche, the fumes of Cuban cigars twist on the promenades and glitzy cocktail drinkers move between the Art Deco bars. In Fort Lauderdale, spring breakers jive on the shore from dusk till dawn and wide-­eyed wanderers case out the wonders of the city's science museum. Across on the gulf, Clearwater beach beckons with pearly sands and cobalt seas; yachts dot the jetties of Fort Myers and history abounds between the walls of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. This is the Sunshine State—at once warm, wild, relaxing, refreshing, enrapturing and packed to the brim with attractions.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then be sure to read on to get the lowdown of the five cheapest air connections currently heading down to the sun­kissed runways of Florida from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio.

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5. Fly from Cleveland to Fort Myers for as low as $199 round trip

OK, so Fort Myers may not be your first choice of town in the Sunshine State, but a smattering of fascinating historic homes, easy access to the wild nature parks of southern Florida—from the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve to the iconic Everglades—and a prime location just on the cusp of the Mexican Gulf make it certainly worth a look in. The best news though? Flights into town from Cleveland are currently priced at an average of just $199 round trip when going nonstop on either Spirit Airlines, United Airlines or Frontier!

4. Fly from Cleveland to Miami for as low as $186 round trip

If you haven't had time to hit the wondrous and electrifying Magic City already, then get searching for flights into town! Not only are they currently priced at a truly affordable $186 round trip from Cleveland International (when going indirect on Delta Air Lines), but they also open up the rollicking strips of South Beach, block upon block of majestic Art Deco mansions, chilled­-out Surfside, hidden Key Biscayne and all the boho haunts of the burgeoning Design District besides. Nice.

3. Fly from Cleveland to Tampa for as low as $164 round trip

In historic Ybor City, trams rattle through palm­-dotted boulevards ringed with the red­brick cigar factories of yesteryear. Nearby, the Tampa Museum of Art bursts with Greek antiquities and avant­-garde portraiture alike; crowds erupt at the Raymond James Stadium as the Bay Buccaneers score a touchdown; golf balls fly at Pebble Creek, and elephants plod and lions roar at the Lowry Park Zoo. All that's on the menu for travelers out of Cleveland this year, and for an average price of just $164 round trip when going nonstop on either Frontier Airlines or Spirit, too!

2. Fly from Cleveland to Orlando for as low as $132 round trip

Any Ohio local with the roller-coasters of Orlando in their sights should be sure to welcome any possible savings on the journey into town from Cleveland—after all, it could mean the difference between staying in a backwater hotel on the edge of town and bedding down in the iconic Hard Rock resort, or Disney's famous Wilderness Lodge in the very heart of the Magic Kingdom itself! If you want to be as close to Mickey and Aladdin as possible, then be sure to check out these bargain air connections, which are cheapest when going nonstop with Frontier Airlines!

1. Fly from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale for as low as $126 round trip

Cleveland locals looking to make the hop down to sunny Fort Lauderdale for as little cash as possible this year really do have the pick of the bunch when it comes to airlines, with budget carriers, Frontier, Spirit and JetBlue all running nonstop flights on the route for an average of just $126 round trip! Once on the ground, travelers can choose between hitting the beach bars and super clubs of this seaside resort's hedonistic strips, and casing out its new cultural edge—between the acclaimed exhibition rooms of the Museum of Art and Museum of Discovery and Science.

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