The 5 Cheapest Flights from Cleveland to Hawaii

Nothing beats the dreamy paradise of Hawaii, and getting there from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) doesn't have to break the bank. Hopper lists the five cheapest flights to the islands.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

On Big Island, brooding volcanic peaks froth lava and metamorphic rock, Pacific birds chirp in the seaside palm copses and astronomical observatories pivot with the turning of the heavens. Further north, dream­like Maui has surfers ride its rollers, sun-­seekers sit its beaches and luxurious hotels concealed between its black-­rock cliffs. Then there's Honolulu—ticking over to 1950s garage tunes, the splash of wipe­outs at Waikiki and the gasps of tourists weaving between museums and historic homes aplenty. No wonder just shy of 20,000 people went looking for flights from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to the Aloha State last month! If you're one of them, then this list of five cheap air connections is a must—offering bargain hops from CLE to some of the most beautiful spots in the American Pacific. Enjoy!

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5. Fly from Cleveland to Lihue for as low as $927 round trip

Bringing up the more expensive end of this list and offering Cleveland locals a ticket to some of the wilder and less-­trodden sections of the Aloha State, these indirect air connections with Delta Air Lines to breezy little Lihue should cost in the region of $927 round trip. Once on the ground, why not head north, where the forest reserves of Halele'a, Na Pali and Mamalahoa conceal winding hiking trails, dense forests, gushing waterfalls and moss­-clad cliff faces to boot?

4. Fly from Cleveland to Hilo for as low as $922 round trip

Sitting on the lowland shores of Big Island, in the shadow of the soaring summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, sleepy little Hilo plays host to the astronomical Imiloa Center, a pretty collection of Art Deco streets and the historic Lyman Mission House to name just a few of its alluring attractions. It's also the fourth­-cheapest Hawaiian destination currently serviced by flights out of the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, with seats on United Airlines' indirect routes selling for an average of $922 round trip.

3. Fly from Cleveland to Kailua-Kona for as low as $899 round trip

Sat neatly between the fascinating archaeological dig sites of the Honokohau Historical Park, the rolling dry-land hills and forests of the Puu Waawaa Cinder Cone State Park, the winding tracks of the Makahi Trail and the breezy beachfronts of the Kekaha Kai State Park, the runways of the Kona International Airport are the perfect gateway to Hawaii for nature lovers looking to lose themselves between the wilds of the archipelago's Big Island. Oh, and flights into town from Cleveland are currently priced at just $899 round trip, going indirect on Delta Air Lines for the cheapest seats overall.

2. Fly from Cleveland to Kahului for as low as $850 round trip

Ohio locals can rest assured that the palm­-threaded beaches and paradisaical sand strips of Maui, at spots like boulder­-peppered Kapalua, elongated Kaanapali, resplendent Wailea and cliff­-backed Hamoa, will be a far cry from their usual haunts along the shores of Lake Erie! What's more, travelers hitting the island through the town of Kahului this year should be able to relax a little about the budget too, with round­-trip seats on indirect routes with Delta Air Lines currently selling in the region of just $850!

1. Fly from Cleveland to Honolulu for as low as $719 round trip

From the soaring ridges of the Diamond Head State Monument to the shimmering paradise of the Waikiki beachfront, the exquisite frontispieces of the ʻIolani Palace to the Pearl Harbor memorials aboard the USS Missouri, there are plenty of reasons why Hawaii's bubbling capital continues to draw booming crowds of travelers to its shores. And it looks as though there's one extra reason for Cleveland locals to hit the city this year too, because tickets into town from the Hopkins International Airport are currently selling for just $719 round trip when going indirect on United Airlines!

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