The Best Ice Cream Shops in New Orleans

Nurse that French Quarter hangover at one of NOLA's top ice cream shops.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Ice cream is less a choice and more a necessity in New Orleans during the stifling summer months, so you can bet they've perfected the dessert. The rich history and culture in New Orleans is evident in the city's culinary tradition, and this extends to their delicious desserts and their inimitable ice cream shops. You're not limited to the traditional soft serve here; from European flavors to experimental American styles, this is the perfect city for daring palates and tentative traditionalists alike. Everyone will find something to suit their ice cream preferences among these five top ice cream shops in New Orleans.

Angelo Brocato's Italian Ice Cream will transport you to old Italy

With a vintage style true to the authentic Italian desserts it serves, this ice cream store has become a New Orleans institution. Fans of Americanied Italian cuisine will find a trip to Angelo's educative but they'll be rewarded by more than a cultural experience; the ice cream at Angelo's is popular city-wide for a reason. Torroncino and spumoni are two exceptional examples of Angelo's satisfying Italian desserts; they're hard, cake-like ice cream recipes shot through with nuts and fruits. Delicious gelato, Italian Ice and cookies are all on offer here, too, for an all-round immersion in continental dessert delicacies.

Try the The Creole Creamery in NOLA - you won't find these flavors anywhere else

With two locations between Uptown and Lakeview, the Creole Creamery's cute, classic vibe belies flavors that are anything but traditional. The wide, unconventional menu has been known to feature flavors like "Beet Generation", "Champagne" and "Lavender-Pecan Chocolate". If you find the choices all a bit too overwhelming, you can sample a whole range with the six scoop taster option. The Creole Cream Cheese flavor - with variations on the theme available - is a mainstay on the menu, and with its tart but sweet juxtaposition it's a must-try for ice cream fans.

Visit the home of ice shaving at Hansen's Sno-bliz And Sweet Shop

Boasting the invention of the first mechanical ice shaving machine, Hansen's has been around since the 30s and - with a loyal New Orleans following - isn't going anywhere. As you might expect, Sno-Bliz is where thirsty New Orleanians go for snow cones. It's a bit out of the way with a blink-and-you'll miss it facade, but in the summer months you certainly won't miss the line around the street. The snow cones here are stand-alone, with a range of flavors that's unrivalled in the city. Cream of Nectar, Ginger-Cayenne and of course the flagship Sno-Bliz (a house recipe) are just some of the haute snow cones on offer. You've probably never thought about topping your snow cone with condensed milk, but this stroke of genius at Hansen's brings the juicy ice together perfectly.

Embrace Parisian chic at Sucre

A chic, minimalist facade welcomes you to macaron heaven on Euphrosine Street. A haven of pastel delicacies, the gelato at Sucré sits well with a side of indulgent homemade macarons. Sucré is the a perfect "Right Bank" Parisian experience; upmarket, stylish and decadent. The soft serve, creamy gelato here is packed full of yummy bits, like the Fudge Ripple which is crammed with delicious pieces of cake-like fudge brownie. If you pop in here for an ice cream, be warned though - the chocolates and pastries are too tempting to pass up and you'll likely leave with a much lighter wallet.

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