The Best Late-Night Restaurants in Los Angeles

Five Los Angeles hot spots that keep the good food going all night long.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Sure New York may get the rep for the city that never sleeps, but LA has long been a contender for the best late night munchies - and we mean late night. As anyone who’s been caught in a 1am traffic jam can tell you, Angelenos keep it going to the break of dawn, especially on weekends. The chances of a celebrity sighting at these five is through the roof, so play it cool, OK?

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Canter's Delicatessen has been 24/7 for 80 years strong

An LA institution, Canter’s celebrated its 80th anniversary a few years ago and is still going strong 24 hours a day. Dishing out old school Jewish deli favorites into the wee hours, Canter’s maintains a steady stream of diners and really hits its stride after midnight when nothing but a piled high pastrami will do to soak up the night’s indulgences. Even early risers after a delicious jump start on the morning, Canter’s makes a gorgeous breakfast, complete with an impressive bakery selection.

Bcd Tofu House has your classic Korean through the night

The BCD stands for "Buk-Chang-Dong", the city where the founder, a first-generation Korean immigrant, first learned to cook. Open 24 hours a day, the classic dish at BCD is their soon tofu soups customizable with beef, seafood, offal, soybean and mushroom. Each comes with its own appetizers including a whole fried fish, perfect for a late night salt hit. Heavier meals at BCD come in the form of their famous BBQ short ribs (galbi) and tender marinated rib-eye (bulgogi).

The Original Pantry is the OG midnight breakfast spot

Run by former LA Mayor Richard Riordan, the slogan of the Original Pantry Cafe rings true: "Since 1924, never closed, never without a customer." This downtown landmark serves coleslaw to every night owl, even as the wee hours give way to breakfast. Just walking distance from the Metro Center, the Original Pantry Cafe is famous for its all day breakfasts and its cheeseburgers on griddle-fried bread. And as is the case with many revered classic diners, the diner is cash only, so hungry night owls be warned.

The Alibi Room will be your new alibi

With so many late night options catering to partiers at the end of their night, the Alibi Room is the perfect spot if you’re just getting a late start to your night. Casual yet classy, the Alibi serves craft beers and signature martinis right up to the legal closing time (2am) and then keeps it going for another hour with Korean BBQ. The Alibi Room opened in Culver City after existing first as the super popular Kogi BBQ food truck. The Kogi crew stays true to its truck roots, offering Korean-Mexican fusion tacos, sliders and quesadillas all with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Fred 62's got gluten-free all night long (and if you want a gluten-filled burger, that's cool too)

A staple of Los Feliz for over 15 years, Fred 62 serves the kind of diner fare you’d expect from a 24 hour haunt but it’s been taken up a notch and crafted with just a little more care than you’d find at a chain diner. Pairing a space age kitsch designed interior with favorites like fried mac-and-cheese balls, Juicy Lucy burgers and breakfast enchiladas, Fred’s taken note of its diverse clientele and now offers round-the-clock vegan and gluten-free alternatives as well.

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