The Best Magic Shows in Las Vegas

See Hopper's picks for the best magic shows in Las Vegas. Fun for the whole family, these shows will have even skeptics convinced that magic is real!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

The cutting-edge public LED installations; fanciful, larger than life architecture, basement gambling rooms relying on people's’ willingness to chase illusory money based on chance games, innovative ways to spend money to make money all boils down to this idea that if you had it, whatever it is, but only for a second, was it real? Within the entertainment ecosystem in this city of lights, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas gravitates around the magical, because this isn't a place for reality. Reality’s back home, it can take a break, too.

The legends of Las Vegas who will inspire visitors to believe in the completely illusory are listed as follows – and, yes, you’re going to want to believe in magic again. And the kids, they’ll be buggin’ out for days.

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Be amazed at the inimitable Penn & Teller at the Rio Las Vegas

Photo via their offiail FB page.

These guys have been doing this for a long time: Penn, the vocal raconteur, and the usually silent Teller, now at the Rio Las Vegas. They’ve become a Vegas classic, entertaining audiences with death-defying acts and dark-witted illusions since 1993. There is no prop too dangerous for them – rifles, swords, nail-guns and 18-wheelers all have a place in their repertoire. Visitors who aren’t even magic fans find themselves falling into shock and awe at the stunts the duo do – but then again, those visitors probably wouldn’t appreciate being pulled onstage. Fans should stick around the theater lobby after the show for a chance to get a photo or autograph from Penn and Teller.

That’s some David Copperfield s*&! at the MGM Grand

Photo via his official FB page

Inarguably the greatest living magician, David Copperfield has been a household name since his television specials in the ‘70s. At 12, he became the youngest person ever admitted to the Society of American Magicians; by 16, he was teaching a course in magic at NYU. Now, he’s got his own restaurants, islands, magic museums, restaurants and 500 public engagements every year. Most of these take place at the MGM Grand, where he performs death-defying and positively mind-boggling illusions. Walking through spinning blades of a fan, transporting groups of audience members in a flash, materializing SUVs and making them disappear, and more.

For an affordable but no less bewildering Las Vegas magic show, see Mac King’s family friendly performance at Harrah’s

Photo via his official FB page

Mac King has been named the best comedy magician in the World. His family friendly show at Harrah’s in Las Vegas has been running since January 2000 and has been hailed by many of the nearby papers and magazines as the "best bargain-priced show," "the best deal on the Strip," "best bet," and even "best show in town", according to Las Vegas Life Magazine. Penn & Teller regularly recommends their fans check out Mac King. His most famous bits involve tricks with goldfish, fig newtons and an "invisibility cloak".

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