The Best Restaurants for Brunch in Las Vegas

Hopper has narrowed down the best Las Vegas brunches to these 5 restaurants. Don't believe us? Read the reviews from the 15 food bloggers we've included.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Las Vegas is known for its neon lights, its casinos, its intoxicated celebrities and its embodiment of the flashier aspects of the American Dream. But it also has excellent food, a mighty array of gourmet restaurants in Las Vegas sell dishes from all over the world. And in this city of late nights and bleary mornings (we're trying to say that Las Vegas has an epic nightlife), what better meal to prioritize than brunch? From seafood shacks to steakhouses, and with a thousand variations on waffles, hungover patrons can find whatever they feel like to ease into a new day – and a new culinary adventure. The following is a list of the best brunch spots in Las Vegas, enjoy.

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An upmarket all-you-can-eat brunch at The Country Club - Wynn Las Vegas

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The Country Club - Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas – photo by Yankee in Nashville

The Country Club at Wynn, upmarket and elegant with views overlooking the Wynn's plush golf course, has a unique jazz brunch every Sunday. A single charge covers all your food, and you can choose from the vast buffet and order as many dishes as you like from a set menu. There is a seafood focus, with fresh oysters and king crab legs at the center of the buffet, as well as steak and more traditional breakfast items. As its name suggests, the food is accompanied by live jazz music.

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Farmhouse food in the center of Las Vegas at Hash House A Go Go

Photo by Will via Flickr

Hash House A Go Go is a restaurant chain originating in San Diego, but its signature branch is now located in the heart of Las Vegas. Its brunch is distinguished by two things: the enormous portions and their crazily playful presentation. Whatever you order from the menu will turn up looking nothing like you expected, but it will be seriously tasty.

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Step into France at the Bouchon Bistro

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Bouchon, Las Vegas – photo by kirbiecravings

An outpost of Parisian cuisine in the center of Las Vegas, Bouchon is without a doubt the best bakery in Las Vegas. Its patisserie is renowned far and wide, and if you fancy a light brunch, a croissant and coffee in the cafe’s suave surroundings inside The Venetian is hard to beat.

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Poolside brunch at the Verandah at the Four Seasons Hotel

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Verandah, Las Vegas – photo by gourmet-chick

As one would expect from the Four Seasons Hotel, the Verandah is nice. Very nice. An Italian restaurant with a beautiful garden terrace that overlooks a private swimming pool, the Verandah’s all-you-can-eat brunch is utterly sublime. The restaurant also serves one of the top afternoon teas in Las Vegas, which is ideal for late risers.

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Decadent dining at Bally's Sterling Brunch

Photo by Tohru Kao via Flickr

The Sterling Brunch is dining at its very finest. All the food is immaculately presented, from the hand-carved beef tenderloin to the raw seafood bar. If piling your plate with lobster, filet mignon, and Sturgeon caviar then washing it all down with champagne sounds like heaven, head to the Sterling Brunch, you won’t be disappointed.

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