The Five Airlines in the United States with the Best Staff

More than 18 million travellers helped Skytrax choose the best-staffed airlines in the United States. Hopper brings you the top five.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Let's face it, enjoying service with a smile on the plane can sometimes be just as important as a smooth check-in and arrival, helping passengers to relax, kick-back, enjoy the journey and ease into holiday mode while in the air. That's why we at Hopper thought it would be a good idea to see which American carriers have the highest rated staff, to help would-be travelers this year discover the cabin crews and ground teams that are the most charming, enthusiastic and efficient. To do it, we looked at the findings of Skytrax's acclaimed Customer Choice Awards, which collated the opinions of more than 18 million travelers from right across the globe last year, to identify the real high fliers of today's U.S. aviation industry.

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5. Hawaiian Airlines

It's a Hawaiian smile and a big Oahu hello that greets travelers on the pretty pink and purple jets of this state carrier, which goes a long way to explaining its top five finish on Skytrax's selection of the best staffed U.S. airlines last year! Of course, the islander geniality isn't the only bonus—there are also those traditional lei greeters at the airport, private concierge services, Master Sommelier picked wines, Premier Club lounges and drive-thru check-ins to boot.

4. American Eagle

Whether you're looking to fly out of Dallas-Fort Worth for the scintillating sands of the Caribbean, New York's JFK for the fashionista strips of the West Coast, or Los Angeles International for the ski fields of Canada to the north, the chances are that the colossal, 310-jet-strong conglomeration of carriers that is American Eagle has got you covered. And in grand fashion too, with some of the highest rated staff in the country and a veritable wealth of airline lounges besides.

3. JetBlue Airways

If travelers have learnt one thing from the rise and rise of JetBlue Airways since the year 2000, it should probably be to never underestimate the value of budget travel, especially when the carrier's profits are up and its staff continue to garner coveted Skytrax accolades for excellence. So, next time you're hopping across the continent for that winter jaunt on Miami Beach and find yourself surprised at the quality of service JetBlue provide, remember—it's because the cabin crews and ground teams are some of the very best in the country!

2. Alaska Airlines

It seems as though American travelers last year had a real soft spot for that hearty northern welcome, because they voted the cabin crews and airport teams of state carrier, Alaska Airlines, into the distinguished second place on Skytrax's line-up of the top airline staff currently operating in the United States overall. And why not, when the flier offers special, 'Fur-st Class' services for passengers with pets in tow, infants and minors, along with comfort seat tickets for people in need of extra room?

1. Virgin America

You don't have to be a member of Virgin America's acclaimed Elevate frequent flier program to enjoy the benefits of the carrier's experienced staff services; nor do you need to ride up front in those plush first class seats. No sir, the top-notch, award-winning cabin crews and airport teams here come gratis with any flight on the continental flier; on those cross-country hops to Los Angeles International; on those jaunts down south to Florida, and on those trips to the sunny lands of the Mexican Quintana Roo, too.

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