The Five Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Barbados

Looking for something different? Get Bajan, baby, at one of the top beach resorts in Barbados.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Planted out in the swells of the Atlantic Ocean, where the great swathes of deep blue meet the warmer waters and lighter hues of the Caribbean Sea, the Island of Barbados is a patchwork of rugged coastal cliffs and delectable sandy beachfronts, all peppered with swaying palm trees and majestic jungle. Amidst these seaside enclaves of perfection, a whole host of top-quality resorts now sit hidden beneath the canopies. Primarily famed for their alluring location, they also offer up unobstructed luxury to all the guests that pass their way, not to mention some of the most encompassing all-inclusive packages in the world.

Here are Hopper’s top five picks for the best all-inclusive resorts in Barbados, with options running right the way around the coast, from the famous Crane Beach in the east, to the easy swells and pristine sands of the Island’s western side.

There's something for everyone at Turtle Beach By Elegant Hotels

Perched out on the serene south coast of Barbados, where the pearly sands of the east coast meet the rugged cliffs of the west, the luxurious suites of Elegant Hotels’ Turtle Beach enjoy spine-tingling sea views and a range of top-class amenities to match. On-site, three restaurants, a sprawling fitness centre and spa and a collection of tennis courts await, while the whole resorts sits within walking distance of the lively town of St. Lawrence Gap, where authentic Caribbean rum bars and dancing shacks pepper the streets.

More than 100 years of hospitality at The Crane Resort

For over a century the Crane Resort has figured as one of the best-known and best-loved all-inclusive resorts on Barbados Island. It’s nestled neatly on a cliff just behind the eponymous Crane Beach, where the clean south-eastern swells of the Atlantic and pristine yellow sands provide a paradisal backdrop to the resort’s luxurious array of services. These include award-winning gastronomy, spa facilities, cultivated gardens, panoramic rooftop terraces and private pools to boot, not to mention private boat charters and excursions out to swim with the turtles in the sea.

Sunbathing and swimming at the Amaryllis Beach Resort

Situated just to the south of the capital at Bridgetown, on a 1500 metre stretch of ivory white sand, the five acre Amaryllis Beach Resort sits nestled amidst tropical gardens and clusters of palm groves. But, aside from the paradisal setting, the resort also boasts one of the best swimming beaches on the whole island. Protected from the swells of the Caribbean by an artificial reef, it’s considered one of the safest options for families or groups with children. On-site there’s also authentic Bajan cuisine at the Almond Tree Restaurant, along with a number of pools and regular entertainment nights throughout the week.

Opulence on the west coast at Crystal Cove by Elegant Hotels

This opulent and elegant all-inclusive resort enjoys one of the best coastal locations on Barbados’ west coast. It’s situated just a short drive north of the capital, and comes complete with a fully stocked business center and luxurious private accommodation bungalows, all set in a verdant garden of palms and eucalyptus. However, for all its extravagance, the pièce de résistance of Crystal Cove is without question its series of lagoon pools. Carved out of the rocky cliffs, they are a patchwork of hidden bars and rolling waterfalls that wind their way enticingly around the complex.

Get a slice of the classic Barbados at the Coconut Court Beach Hotel

Also located within easy reach of the capital at Bridgetown, the folk at Coconut Court are famed for their offering of authentic Bajan holidays. The resort’s interior is alive with a kaleidoscope of Caribbean paraphernalia, from swordfish wall mounts to exotic shrubs, while the on-site restaurant proudly serves up local dishes and colourful rum cocktails well into the night. What’s more, the nearby beachfront is clean and loaded with tropical fish; a great place for swimmers, snorkelers and those after a glimpse of Barbados’ natural side!

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