The Five Best Art Museums in New York

Go into the beating heart of America's visual art world and explore five of New York's best art museums.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Some of the world's most promising young artists come to New York to study, work and make their name, while established artists must conquer The Big Apple's art scene before they can be considered international successes. The New York landscape, then, glitters with the promise of life-changing art behind the elaborately designed doors of world class art museums, in almost every major neighborhood. Cutting edge modern art meets inimitable classic art in a city that's considered by many to be the international apex of fine art. The visually stunning facades of the art museums in New York are themselves reason enough to visit, but followers of art will find an embarrassment of riches in the halls of NYC's best art museums. The following are a select few must-visits for tourists keen to dive into New York's art scene.

Moma - Museum Of Modern Art is a New York landmark

New York's Museum of Modern Art is internationally recognized as the exemplary modern art museum. A trip to this NYC giant takes half a day at least, and visitors have the opportunity to experience truly experimental art in all its forms - from film to photography, from sculpture to graphic design. There's nothing too strange or experimental for MoMA. As long as you visit with an open mind, you're sure to be awed and inspired.

Performance art is at its best at the Park Avenue Armory

In one of NYC's most prestigious neighborhoods, the Park Avenue Armory is a vast, impressive space dating back to the 1800s. The building, one of New York's best preserved pieces of historic grandeur, showcases some of the country's most ambitious art. The Armory's 55,000 square foot drill hall is liberated from a traditional theater and as such the Armory's schedule of events consistently features theatrical performances, musical recitals, concerts and art installations of an appropriately epic scale.

Cutting edge art at the Andrea Rosen Gallery

The Andrea Rosen gallery is a relatively small, sleek and chic Chelsea gallery which showcases art from promising talent and progressive artists who are championed by the gallery's curator. A stunning array of exhibits are situated across three intimate rooms. While traditionalists might not find much to be inspired about here, the gallery is frequented by those interested in modern art, as it is known for expertly selecting and creatively displaying some of the best of the best in the art world today.

Visit the world's largest art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

More than 2 million pieces of art are housed under the grand roof of the Met in New York. The stunning and inarguably immense museum is made up of 21 constructions, the impressive facade of which dominates NYC's Fifth Avenue. With art spanning countless generations, cultures and even civilizations, naturally a day won't be enough time to fully appreciate the breadth of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Target your favorite era or artist, or simply pass through to appreciate the historic architecture. If art is your passion, though, then set aside a couple of days to adventure through this, New York's mecca of art.

A charming immersion in authentic American art at the American Folk Art Museum

The American Folk Art Museum may be worlds away from the grandeur and opulence of Masters name-dropping hot spots like the Met or the MoMA. However, its authentic, unpretentious and comprehensive presentation of both traditional American folk art and self-taught contemporary American artists is at once gratifying and educating. With art and artifacts dating back to the 1700s and right up to the modern day, this is an unusual but engaging and aesthetically pleasing way for art lovers to educate themselves on America's colorful history.

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