The Five Best Cocktail Bars in Washington DC

After a long day of political intrigue, politicos in our nation's capital could use a stiff drink. These cocktail bars are where they go to.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

It makes sense that the cocktail trend would take off in Washington D.C. Upscale, business-savvy citizens are constantly on the go and are in need of an end-of-the-day, top-shelf cocktail. However, the infiltration of young students and artists have also inspired the opening of trendy cocktail bars that create drinks using the freshest ingredients. Washington D.C.’s cocktail bars have caught up with the city’s growing population of cocktail-savvy citizens. They surely know how to serve up a strong drink, especially in the secret nooks scattered across the city, designed to attract the true die-hard cocktail fans. These five are just a few bars that continue to make customers happy.

Shhh… Don’t let anyone in on The Gibson's secret

Visitors looking for The Gibson really have to search for the unmarked door on 14th Street. An old clock hangs above the bar, which is known for its bourbon and top-shelf handcrafted cocktails. Guests can take a seat at the bar or sit in one of the intimate booths to taste one of The Gibson’s specialty drinks of old-fashioned fizzies, seasonal punches and cobblers. Some of the fizzies even include egg. For instance, a 3-Way with Sam contains cognac, honey syrup, lemon juice strawberry, egg white and a dash of Peychaud’s. Insider’s tip: Make a reservation well in advance.

A nod to Abraham Lincoln at the Bar at Lincoln

The Bar at Lincoln uses the words and ideas of Abraham Lincoln to create a menu full of historical references and fun facts. For instance the Knob Creek bourbon used in whiskey sours was named after the stream that ran by Lincoln’s childhood home. Or the Bloody Mary Todd, using cherry-tomato infused vodka, celery, onions and roasted red peppers, is named after Lincoln’s wife. The bar’s fresh bar program features local produce and locally crafted spirits. Grab a seat on the patio during the summer months and reminisce about one of America’s truly influential presidents.

Pov At The W Hotel Washington Dc has got a great P.O.V

Photo via their official FB page.

P.O.V.’s rooftop bar is a sure hit for D.C. locals in the summer months. The terrace and lounge provide some of the city’s best views of the White House and other historic monuments, making P.O.V. the perfect setting for a handcrafted cocktail — for which the bar has many. The Where is the White House? drink is a fruity medley of rum, pineapple, coconut and orange, while the Broken Blackberry is made with bourbon, blackberries, lemon, honey, cinnamon and elderflower. The refreshing drinks are just the answer to a hot day in D.C.

Classic cocktails made for the White House’s finest at the Columbia Room

There’s a hidden bar at The Passenger called The Columbia Room. The award-winning,10-seat cocktail bar serves up classic cocktails alongside small plates. Owner Derek Brown, who has made drinks at the White House, invites guests to try drinks such as a small production XO Cognac he once drank while taking a barge down the Charente River in southwestern France. Not only does this intimate experience offer visitors some of the best craft cocktails in D.C., classes are also available for guests to learn about the study of drinking, its culture and its craft.

The Spirits Bar at Rogue 24 is a converted garage turned 4-seat cocktail bar

Photo via their official FB page.

Spirits Bar at Rogue 24 treats its cocktails the same as the multi-ingredient meals served at the restaurant. Visitors can order one of the bar’s hand-crafted spirits infused using a roto-evaporator. The staff also makes its syrups and bitters in-house, and serves up drinks on perfumed ice. The four-seater, reservation-required bar serves up small bites, or guests can experience the 24-course at Rogue 24, which was converted from a garage for a truly "rogue" affair.

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