The Five Best Food Tours in Seattle

Discover the culinary gems of Seattle with these walking tours from Seattle's top food tour companies.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

In Seattle, the best food tour will get you off the tour buses and onto the streets. You'll have the chance to make the most of a rare sunny, clear day with a walking tour of the city's culinary highlights led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable locals. Seattle has a thriving restaurant scene along with numerous must-try street vendors and epicurean markets. With a strong native tradition of seafood, gastronomic enthusiasts visiting the city will be keen to sample the Pacific Northwest specialities along with some of the city's plentiful trendy menus. While reviews, blogs and apps are undoubtedly a useful tool in narrowing down your holiday dinner options, there's almost no better way to really suss out Seattle's foodie scene than through the people who know it and the people who make it. That's why we've selected five of the best food tours in Seattle, to guide you to your ideal food guide.

A taste of Seattle history with the Food and Cultural Tour of Pike Place Market from Savor Seattle Food Tours

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Savor Seattle Food Tours are a great way to see the city, and their varied tours are known to zone in on Seattle's gastronomic hubs. The Pike Place Market tour is one of the very best ways to immerse yourself in this gourmet haven. The Pike Place Market is an historic landmark in the city and its wealth of local merchants providing first-class fare may prove overwhelming. On the Savor Seattle tour you needn't agonize over which food stall queue to join. You'll be guided to the highlights, and will have a chance to skip the long lines to grab sample sizes of the sweet and savoury delicacies on offer. The tour guides are friendly, informative and are familiar with the merchants so you'll get insider knowledge on the history and contemporary state of this Seattle institution.

A taste tour of Pioneer Square with Taste Seattle Food Tours

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Taste Seattle's tour of Pioneer Square is a novelty that both locals and visitors appreciate. One of the oldest parts of the city, Pioneer Square has a plethora of fantastic restaurants not immediately obvious to the passerby. This tour takes in the architecture and history of this scenic part of the city while making stops along the way for seafood, steaks, wine and even dessert in some of the best, quirkiest restaurants in the area. The upbeat, fun tour guides have a good relationship with the district's restaurant owners meaning you'll be warmly welcomed into each eatery.

Seattle Bites Food Tour is a fun, gourmet way to taste Pike Place Market's charms

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The Seattle Bites Food Tour of Pike Market is a highlight, and presents an intimate off-the-beaten-track look at the popular marketplace. You'll have a chance to visit all the must-try culinary stops in the busy market as well as many small, unassuming places the solo tourist could easily miss. The Seattle Bites tour has gained a reputation for its educational-but-fun approach to food touring, and you're guaranteed a guide packed with personality and comedy. This tour is ideal of those new to the city or for those Seattleites who just want to learn a little more about the charm of this food heaven. A nice addition is a useful audio guide which means you can have a browse around without missing any of your tour guide's anecdotes.

A "Hip on the Hill" guide to Seattle's trendy Capitol hill with Savor Seattle

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Capitol Hill is renowned as the epicenter of the quirky, experimental food and drinks culture in Seattle. It's a youthful, fashionable area overflowing with appealing cafes, restaurants and bars so knowing where to go and where to skip can be difficult. The Savor Seattle tour of Capitol Hill is guided by locals who know the lay of the land and expertly maneuver the eclectic food scene to make sure visitors get a chance to sample the best of the best Capitol Hill has to offer. You'll sample crazy fusions, artisan coffees and fantastical desserts while immersing yourself in the beauty and culture of this unique neighborhood.

Indulgent food tourists will love the Gourmet Seattle Food & Cultural Tour from Savor Seattle

This is one of Seattle's more comprehensive food tours and ideal for foodies who want to really immerse themselves in the local, fresh, seasonal delicacies of Seattle. The Gourmet Seattle Food & Cultural Tour takes you all the way from Belltown through downtown and on to the wonderful Pike Place Market. Gourmandes have a chance to sample some luxurious epicurean delights - a tour highlight is the "truffle cafe", where you'll be introduced to chefs who source fresh truffles for a range of recipes and condiments. The tour, led by approachable and friendly locals, makes for a broad historical and cultural overview of some of the city's hotspots and the 6 - 7 stops along the way mean that your hunger is well satisfied by the time you're stopping off for dessert.

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