The Five Best Food Trucks in Miami

Miami has a thriving food truck scene, replete with tons of seafood and Latin-inspired trucks.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

People who truly enjoy food enjoy their indulgences most when they eat with their hands – something to do with reverting to our animalistic roots and getting tactile with the whole taste experience, the scientists say – so perhaps it’s no surprise that the convenient but formerly maligned food truck is having its day in the sun. And Miami is well-acquainted with long, hot days in the sun. An afternoon soaking up the rays beachside gives outdoorsy South Floridians a hefty appetite and, happily, nowadays there’s no need to go onto the beaten track and into the upscale restaurants to nab a quality snack. In Miami, a food truck to suit every taste is never far away, from calorie counting bikini babes to the most demanding of food snobs. If you’re still plagued with a lingering doubt about grabbing food out of the back of a van, though, the following five food trucks are Miami’s safest – and most delicious – bets.

Everything’s a special at Dim Ssäm à Go-Go

Quickly becoming the place to go for Asian fusion in Miami, this is less a food truck and more a high quality kitchen on wheels. An on-the-go sister to the Sakaya Kitchen, the menu at this elusive truck is varied and memorable. Menu staples like the spicy tots and ribs are popular for a reason; spicy and sweet are married perfectly in extraordinary taste combinations. The menu changes regularly, but if the crackling duck comes up make sure to nab it while you have the chance.

Jefe's Original is an updated version of an old classic

Best known for the eponymous Ensenada fish tacos, Jefe’s is a Miami institution. It does tacos and burgers, as the name would suggest, and it does them with an originality and flair telling of the truck chef’s years of haute-cuisine experience. Crispy fish and the truck’s original hot sauce are offset by cool and creamy drizzle and fresh tomatoes making these fish tacos some of the very best around. The burgers play second fiddle to the tacos, but they’re made with high-quality meat, are perfectly messy and as greasy as a food truck burger should be.

See Ms. Cheezious for all your grilled cheese needs

The humble grilled cheese gets a makeover at Ms. Cheezious. This truck has been voted best food truck in Miami and after a glance at the menu it’s easy to see why; a grilled cheese food truck is a stroke of inspiration so simple we’re all wondering why we didn’t think of it. Then again, not many of us would have thought to make a pulled pork BBQ grilled cheese, or a crab salad grilled cheese for that matter. Punters have the option of building their own sandwich with a clever selection of gourmet cheeses on offer but regulars know the pre-made combinations are perfect. The goat cheese and prosciutto is a menu standout.

The Fish Box is one of Miami’s answers to the old-fashioned beachside seafood shack

Photo via their official FB page.

The Fish Box is a food truck that’s buzzed about for its offerings of simple fish burgers at exceedingly reasonable prices. Seafood newbies might be a bit put off by the fried fish tail poking out of the end of their burger, but a bite into the perfectly-battered fish sandwiched inside wonderfully fresh bread will assuage all doubts. This truck also offers calamari fried to perfection and a lobster salad to end all lobster salads. An offshoot of family-run fish market and seafood restaurant La Camaronera, the fish here is up to the same market fresh standard but it’s emboldened by the frivolous, food truck-friendly greasy batter.

Papa was a Rolling Stove/Wherever he parked his truck was his home

The Rolling Stove has made food truck burgers into a culinary art. These brisket / pork blends, with the sorts of sauces and distinctive rub you’d expect at a trendily over-priced restaurant, are rendered all the more satisfying by the fact that you’re eating them from a paper bag. The spicy seasonings and barbecued feel are a perfect complement to the fresh Miami air. Other indulgent comfort foods on offer include cheesy potatoes and über-crispy chicken. The Rolling Stove is an extravagance; it has a meat-heavy menu and it’s certainly not for the calorie conscious.

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