The Five Best Food Trucks in Washington D.C.

Take a look at Hopper's picks for the top 5 food trucks in Washington D.C. Read reviews and see photos of the trucks, which have something for everyone.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

The fast-paced food truck trend fits in well in downtown Washington D.C., where politicians and other business professionals have very little time to sleep, let alone eat. Now, more than 100 trucks troll the greater metropolitan area in hopes to serve some of Washington D.C.’s best culinary experiences to the foodie on the go. Customers looking to get a taste from a variety of the area’s food trucks should check out Truckeroo, a monthly food truck festival held in the D.C. area from April thru October. It features more than 20 food trucks and live music as well as cornhole and other festive games. Here are five food trucks that will certainly add to the festivities.

Basil Thyme crafts Italian delights

The Basil Thyme food truck serves up a variety of lasagnas and a pasta of the day made using two of the key Italian spices for which the truck is named. All of the lasagna sauces and noodles are made in-house and served with a side salad. Meat eaters will want to try the Catena lasagna, made with chicken breasts sautéed in white wine with spinach, while vegetarians might opt for the Giuseppe lasagna, a mixture of portobellos and gorgonzola combined with a black truffle noodle. This meal can be topped off with the cannoli du jour for a well-rounded Italian feast.

DC Slices was the first to bring the area pizza on wheels

The front of the DC Slices food truck wears the words "DC’s First Mobile Pizza Kitchen." It serves up thin slices of pizza, made from fresh rolled dough, homemade sauce, hand-grated cheese and a variety of toppings. Plus, each slice can be topped off with fresh basil upon request. While the pizza is sure to appease even New Yorkers, the truck also offers a menu of tater tots that range from pizza tots to bacon and cheddar tots to chili and cheese tots. The truck also encourages recycling with trash and recycling receptacles attached to the on-the-go kitchen.

Customers craft their own Far East Taco Grill creations

Far East Taco Grill brings out all the taco truck stops in four easy steps. First, customers choose between four proteins: steak, pork, chicken or tofu. Then, they add one of the four sauces and four slaws – one of which is a zesty chipotle mix. Top that off with one of the two "finishers" – onion-lime relish or cheesy-lime crema. The variety of combinations allows diners to create their own flavorful explosion available on corn or flour tortillas in either taco, burrito or burrito bowl form.

Foodies are hooked to Red Hook Lobster Pound DC

Red Hook Lobster Trucks, which started in Brooklyn, brings northeastern seafood to the streets of D.C. The lobster rolls are prepared two ways: The Connecticut-style lobster roll is made up of fresh Maine lobster meat poached in butter, while the Maine-style is made with a homemade light, lemon-based mayo. A meal can be rounded off with Cape Cod chips and an all-natural, organic Maine root soda. The truck also serves up tasty New England clam chowder and lobster mac and cheese for those customers not in the mood for a sandwich.

Fojol Bros is a party on wheels

Fojol Bros. claims to be a "traveling culinary carnival," and that it is, with its workers decked out in flashy turbans and fake mustaches. One of the Fojol Bros. food trucks serves food from Merlindia –a made-up land that seems to get its food inspiration from India. It offers healthy menu items such as buttered chicken and chicken masala. Another Fojol Bros. truck from imaginary Benethiopia serves up Ethiopian food such as beets and beans and lentils, which can be enjoyed with a frozen mango Lossipop. In addition to having a sense of humor – a work glue party is listed as one of the events companies can rent the food truck for –Fojol Bros. gives a portion of its proceeds to at-risk youth programs in the Washington D.C. area. Plus, the staff always spreads out blankets near the truck for customers looking for a place to sit.

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