The Five Best Lounge Bars in Las Vegas

Sure, you can party in Vegas.... but why not lounge?

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Leaving Las Vegas? Not until you've sampled the city's finer drinking retreats

Great lounge bars blend the best of everything when it comes to nightlife: a little bit of live entertainment and music here, a hopping bar over there and plenty of room for groups to chat and carouse, as well as quiet nooks for couples to get to know each other better. Lounge bar staples include sofas and cozy seating for groups, finger foods to take the edge off an appetite and something going on in the background to keep the conversation spirited. Having that authentic Vegas glamor doesn't hurt, either.

When you're tired of the usual clubs and bars, visit one of these top Las Vegas lounge bars.

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Satisfy your inner oligarch at Red Square

Photo via their official website.

This one is hard to miss on the Mandalay Bay Hotel promenade, there's a giant headless Lenin statue right out front. Red Square conjures the bygone excesses of Imperial Russia and this lounge doubles down on a lavish, sultry vibe. The drink of choice is, of course, vodka, and they have so much that it's secured in a "vodka vault." The primo stuff goes for up to $350 a shot and exclusive bottles can run easily into the four-figures. Signature munchables include the Siberian nachos: wonton crispies topped with caviar, smoked salmon, wasabi and crème fraîche. Bar staff are surprisingly fun and helpful, this is a great place to relax after an event at nearby Mandalay Bay Theatre lets out.

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Gorgeous views and effortless romance at Hyde at Bellagio

Hyde Bellagio opens onto the famous Bellagio Fountains, providing a view that is spectacular and unique. Get comfy in the plush leather sofas, enjoy fresh air on the expansive outdoor terrace or splurge in style in the circular VIP booth. Late night adds a dance floor and second bar, and the party turns it up a notch. Gourmet tapas can be ordered from Osteria del Circo next door. Hyde Bellagio has a little something for everyone and (unlike many lounges) the bar staff are not afraid of a stiff pour! Makes a perfect nest for love birds.

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Keep it classy at Parasol Up / Parasol Down

Doesn't matter if you're up or down at the tables, Wynn Las Vegas has a Parasol for you. Parasol Up features plush sofas, dim lighting and a breathtaking view of the Lake of Dreams. Parasol Down offers a lively bar scene, more energetic vibe and more intimate seating. Both are stylish, sophisticated and ground zero for observing the lives of the high rollers. Make sure you visit the patio at least once to get the best view of the waterfall show. Drinks are pricey, but you get what you pay for with some of the best hand-crafted cocktails in town.

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Enjoy yourself, but don't swing from The Chandelier

The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas offers three levels of drinking and entertainment. The "Top of the Chandelier" provides the signature Las Vegas lounge experience: luxurious seating, attentive service and a view of the excitement below. The bar staff is highly trained and eager to show off their stuff: if they pooh-pooh your drink request, go with whatever they recommend instead. Bonus: Each level has a signature drink, make your way up and down The Chandelier to sample them all!

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