The Five Best New Year’s Eve Parties in Las Vegas

See Hopper's picks for the 5 best New Year's Eve parties in Las Vegas. Big, brash and a whole lot of fun, these parties have everything travelers want.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada. The party capital of the world. Not just one city, but at least three, all compacted and placed carefully on a freakishly long street lined with lights and luxury resorts. Don’t want to stay in Paris? Hit the Venetian. Or party on the Brooklyn Bridge. The skyline – impressive on any night, but on New Year’s Eve, the night to end all nights (almost literally), imagine the moon was encased in glass sunlight and then exploded over the city streets at the precise moment that the chanting begins. Go somewhere elevated, high above the crowds, some place that serves candy-colored drinks, where the crowds are less burdensome.

Book early – this is important. When you’re planning, find a month that makes you wonder, "Now, maybe? Is it too early? It’s probably too early." and call the hotel the month ahead of that month. Bring at least two fancy dresses: one sexy, and the other classy. YOLO.

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Ring in the New Year in New York-New York, Las Vegas

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New York - New York Hotel And Casino, Las Vegas – photo by M.W.

This annual tradition at New York-New York places an exclusive crowd of people high on their reproduction Brooklyn Bridge, between the crush of people below and the sky above lit up with fireworks. The bridge partiers get a view of the claustrophobic chaos on the Las Vegas Strip while turning their podium into its own little dance party. Certain packages offered by New York-New York include an open bar pass Nine Fine Irishmen, or a VIP open bar ticket to Coyote Ugly.

Stand next to the fireworks at the Stratosphere, not under them

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Stratosphere Las Vegas, Las Vegas – photo by Anne Reeves

The highest point in Las Vegas happens to be on the top of the second-tallest freestanding structure in North America, which is, incidentally, the place to be on New Year’s Eve. From over 800 feet above the ground, the people crammed on the Strip look like droves of fire ants. And right outside the window, a shower of lights – starting from far up Las Vegas Boulevard, little lights dancing in the distance, and from the top of the very tower you’re situated. Grab a glass of champagne and a table by the window at Level 107 or a late dinner at their rotating fine dining restaurant, Top of the World. From 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., hit the Stratosphere Theater for a late night/early morning DJ dance party.

Recapture classic Las Vegas on Fremont Street

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Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas – photo by Big EZ Travels

For a new-old Vegas experience, Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas has all the lights and action of the Las Vegas Strip, with more relaxed crowds. Under the giant 90-foot high and 1500-foot long LED-embedded canopy, glittering marquee lights advertising the bars and restaurants line this iconic Las Vegas party artery. Pedestrians in their Las Vegas finest stroll up and down, snapping photos with an Elvis impersonator or admiring the constantly changing light show. There’s no shortage of unique and edgy drinkeries on this luminous strip, so make sure you’re in a funky place when the clock strikes midnight.

Dance the year away at Marquee

This three-level club plays host to the biggest names in the world – from Avicii to Eric Morillo, Kaskade to Benny Benassi, all day and all night. At 60,000 feet with seven bars, three main rooms all themed differently, and an expansive outdoor area, there’s no question where the biggest party is. And the party is off. the. chain. The biggest names and the shortest skirts come out on New Year’s Eve. So if you find yourself lost among the huddled tourists on the Strip, direct your feet towards the Cosmopolitan, and keep your eye on a giant space illuminated by purple like a spaceship about to hover off.

Live XSsively at XS

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Xs, Las Vegas – photo by Carole9073

XS is a top-tier Las Vegas nightclub sprawling over 40,000 square feet inside and outside the mall between Encore and the Wynn. That’s 40,000 square feet of party, particularly when the hottest DJs come out on New Year’s Eve. Draped in gold, black and brown, with a 10-foot rotating chandelier the club’s design was inspired by the curves of the human body. The drinks aren’t cheap, but the décor, the hopping tunes (David Guetta and Avicii have each held residencies at this club), and its consistently high rankings make it a NYE to remember.

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