The Five Best Spas in Seattle

Seattle is a super cool and super hip city and those qualities extend to its spas. Check out Hopper's collection of the five best day spas in Seattle.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Seattle, the port city filled with fog, clouds, and remarkable architecture, has perfected the art of cool. Its citizens are calm and collected, the monuments are understated but funky (check out the incongruous Fremont Troll, a piece of absurd public under the Aurora Bridge, waiting for unassuming cars for his next meal), and the music scene has an extraordinary capability for being both alternative and universally appreciated. How do they do it? For a city that runs on Pike Roast, zig-zagging frenetic neighborhoods, it’s alarmingly laid-back. Could be the calming effects of water running off of Puget Sound, or the breathtaking views from almost every angle. Or maybe it’s Seattle's collection of world-class spas that keeps its denizens so cool. So whether you're on a business trip or just wandering around downtown, there’s certainly a spa to come home to at the end of the day in Seattle.

Literally get away from everything at the food and spa capital, Willows Lodge

This is a bit of cheat, since the actual spa in Willows Lodge is only one piece of the experience. But Willows Lodge, a small and rustic boutique hotel removed from the bustle of the city, is a sanctuary in itself and offers comfort amenities to suit anyone’s needs (and even their pets). Located in friendly, secluded Woodinville, a 25-minute drive from Seattle, this destination spa has won numerous awards from Wine Spectator, Conde Nast and other respectable travel publications. Their restaurants are nationally known for their American regional cuisine and atmosphere, like the AA Five-diamond Award-winning Herbfarm Restaurant. Their spa treatments include specialized Lomi Lomi massages, hot stone pedicures, the exclusive Carita Facials, all in a sumptuous atmosphere by a hidden courtyard.

Visitors will walk out of the Hotel 1000 sighing "Spaahh"

This little spa facility tucked in the luxurious Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle tempts hotel guests and even locals who are looking for an expert massage. Using Decleor spa products, seasonal aromatherapy treatments, cups river rocks and bamboo reeds, their massage therapists prod, sweep, stroke and wrap their guests until they truly walk out sighing "Spaahh". They also offer a wide variety of manis and pedis and waxing services.

Make time for a glass of champagne and a pedicure with the belles of Belltown at Spa Noir

Photo via their official FB page

Get pampered without the pretentiousness of other luxury spas of this caliber. Spa Noir in trendy Belltown looks more like a funky cocktail bar than a spa, with an interior of dramatic red, gold and black, and attracts a friendly crowd. The soundtrack isn’t seascapes or ocean noises or chakra soothing meditation playlists; it’s Massive Attack, Johnny Cash, and other tunes people actually enjoy listening to. Spa Noir offers expert beauty treatments like waxes, manis, pedis and brow shaping and tinting, with a short list of massage treatments. Go on the last Tuesday of any month and enjoy their services at a discount price, along with complimentary sparkling wine and truffles.

Get worked on by the most experienced hands in town at Ananya

Photo via their official FB page.

Ananya spa, located in a serene loft in Belltown, specializes in massages. Each of the trained massage therapists have their own background, whether it’s in Lomi Lomi or Swedish, and each have a different approach to the skill, whether gleaned from decades in the business or awakening travels. As well as their specialized massages, Ananya provides luxury body wraps and treatments, waxing and nail care, a long list of facials (including their famous Myoxy-Caviar facial) and even cutting edge skin care enhancements, like extractions, cosmoderm peels, BT Microcurrents and more.

Elaia at the Hyatt at Olive 8 luxuriates organically

Photo via their official FB page.

Spa-goers who care intensely about what goes into their body will be happy to know that there’s finally a place that shares the same passion. Their products are all organic and market fresh, like their local and seasonally changing Market Fresh treatments, and Primavera, a premium NaTrue certified organic product line. The spa is a sumptuous, bamboo-detailed facility inside the LEED certified Hyatt at Olive 8 in downtown Seattle, and offers discount packages when they can. Guests can even stay well after their appointment’s over to soak in the hot tub, pool or sauna.

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