The Five Best Steakhouses in Dallas and Fort Worth

Get your meat on in Dallas.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Beef is what’s for dinner in Dallas — at least it has to be from the number of steakhouses available in this "bigger is better" city and nearby Fort Worth. Just as California is known for its local produce, Texas is known for its local beef served in most restaurants across the state. While contemporary steakhouses are gaining in popularity with their farm-fresh entrees and creative steak menus, Dallas locals still frequent their favorite originals complete with leather and cowboy memorabilia. No matter what, the steak at both restaurant types is always quality. This is Texas after all — home of the Texas longhorns and the wide variety of beef cuts they provide. Check out these top five steakhouses in the area for a truly juicy treat.

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Al Biernat's knows how to throw a dinner

Al Biernat’s is a trendy take on the traditional Texas chophouse. Diners will eat in the candlelit dining room under an interior dome showcasing a painting of colorful Renaissance balloons. The extensive menu features everything from North Dakota Buffalo to swordfish kabobs, as well as at least 10 cuts of steak. The local favorite steak tartare is the perfect way to start a meal, while the bourbon-spiked chocolate bread pudding topped with sea salt caramel gelato is an ideal finish.

Wine and steak make an impeccable match at Grace

Grace, located in nearby Fort Worth, offers customers quite the wine selection from its glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled wine cellar featuring Old and New World wines. A glass of wine complements just about anything on the menu. While guests can opt for a steak, other Southern-inspired dishes such as fried chicken and fried oysters and even peas and carrots are also noteworthy. This steakhouse is also known for its pastas such as Alaskan king crab spaghetti and ricotta gnocchi carbonara.

Dallas Chop House is a mix of the old and new steakhouse

Dallas Chop House adds a new twist to the traditional steakhouse menu, with appetizers such as rosemary roasted bone marrow and peekytoe crab salad. Of course, the entrees still scream steakhouse, with all the usual cuts of meat. Customers can choose to accompany their steak with lobster butter, Maytag and Applewood smoked bacon butter and béarnaise sauce. The restaurant caters to a more upscale customer, featuring modern aesthetics such as steel detailing, while still paying homage to the history of Texas cowboys and cattle driving with the artwork hanging in the space.

The Place At Perry's is a steakhouse for everyone

Another modern-day steakhouse, Place at Perry’s steakhouse offers fresh, local fare in a creative ambience. The three-story rotunda is highlighted by a massive hand-blown glass chandelier crafted by local glassblower David Gappa. While the steaks are an obvious noteworthy choice, the blackened chicken with Civello’s goat cheese ravioli is simply delicious and comes in a vegetarian option for those non-beef lovers (if there is such a thing in Dallas). Locals love the restaurant’s happy hour, which offers specials from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. out on the patio.

Cattleman's Fort Worth Steak House is a traditional Texas steakhouse

While the contemporary steakhouse is certainly popular, nothing beats a traditional steakhouse, complete with wood-and-leather interior, pictures of cows hanging on the walls and a cow head to round out the mix. Cattlemen’s Fort Worth Steak House has been in the city’s historic Stockyards District since 1947. All steaks are served in true Texas steakhouse fashion: with a salad, choice of potato and home-baked rolls. There are six different choices for how to have your steak cooked, one of which is "blood rare cold, raw center." There’s also a warning on the menu that says, "We do not guarantee the size or tenderness of a steak ordered medium well or well done," in case it wasn’t already obvious that these steaks should be cooked to enhance the utmost beef flavor. With more than 10 cuts of steak to choose from as well as barbecued ribs on the menu, Cattlemen’s reminds you just how important quality meat is in Texas.

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