The Five Cheapest Flights from Toronto to Mexico

If you're ready to leave Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and soak up culture in Mexico, Hopper found the cheapest airfare to get you there.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Ah, Mexico, a land at once mysterious and magnificent, enticing and daunting, enthralling and wild. Given the sheer wealth of wondrous attractions within its borders — from the temple rises of Chichen Itza and the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan to the brilliant beachfronts of Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas — it's hardly surprising that each month, more than 150,000 people are searching for flights to Mexico from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

If you're one of them, then be sure to read on, because Hopper's expert flight team have crunched all the numbers to bring would­-be travelers a line-up of the best bargains to Mexico currently criss-­crossing the continental skies.

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5. Fly from Toronto to Mexico City for as low as CAD$542 round trip

An urban conglomeration that's now pushing 22 million inhabitants, Mexico City is one buzzing morass that includes everything, from Spanish colonial wonders and crumbling Aztec buildings to shimmering modern high­-rises and sprawling concrete barrios. It's the perfect choice for city-­lovers looking to explore a real breathing and seething metropolis. Flights into town are currently the fifth cheapest from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Mexico overall, coming in with an attractive price tag of just CAD$542 round trip — going indirect on American Airlines for the best bargains possible.

4. Fly from Toronto to Cabo San Lucas for as low as CAD$540 round trip

Cabo San Lucas has something for every type of traveler: If you're looking for luxury, resorts like the Esperanza an Auberge peer out from the coves of the Baja California Sur; if you're after adventure, the hiking trails of Mount Solmar beckon; if it's partying you're after, then Senor Frog's and Sammy Hagar's legendary Cabo Wabo thump until the early hours. Oh, and flights into town from Toronto are a real bargain at the moment, too, with nonstop round-trip tickets averaging around just CAD$540 on Air Transat!

3. Fly from Toronto to Puerto Vallarta for as low as CAD$506 round trip

Long a tropical playground of the North American rich and famous, Puerto Vallarta rises up from between the Pacific beaches of the Bahia de Banderas in a medley of shiny condos and makeshift rum bars, bubbling surfer shacks and yacht-­dotted jetties. But you won't have to be rich or famous to hit town this year it seems, because round-trip flights from Toronto are currently priced at an average of just CAD$506, with oodles of both indirect and nonstop connections on the table.

2. Fly from Toronto to Cozumel for as low as CAD$496 round trip

Coming in at an attractive second place on this line­up of the cheapest air connections currently flying from Toronto to Mexico are these nonstop hops with national flag carrier Air Canada. Costing an estimated average of CAD$496, they take just over four hours to get passengers to the charming Isla Cozumel, where the pristine beachfronts of Playa Corona and Playa Mia give way to some of the most celebrated scuba diving spots in the entire Caribbean Sea!

1. Fly from Toronto to Cancun for as low as CAD$463 round trip

Why not throw caution to the wind this year and join the crowds of American spring breakers on their ubiquitous partying jaunt to the strips and sands of Cancun? If you do decide to go, you certainly won't have to throw any cash to the wind, because flights into town are now the cheapest currently on offer between Toronto's Pearson International Airport and Mexico overall — touting an average round trip price tag of just CAD$463 round-trip on nonstop routes with Air Canada.

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