The Four Best BBQ Restaurants in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is not in the South, but it still knows how to make some mean BBQ. Check out Brooklyn's four best barbecue joints to see photos and read reviews.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Brooklyn and BBQ makes for a great, if somewhat surprising combination. While the city-dwelling Brooklynites may be pushed for space, there's still no better way to experience the buzzing Brooklyn gastronomic scene than via the sensory delights of the barbecue variety. Brooklyn's restaurant scene is as delightfully multi-cultural as its population, so you might need some guidance as to where to pick up the best plate of charbroiled burgers or grilled-to-perfection ribs. Looking for a hipster haven of fusion foods? Or hoping for a traditional taste of the South without having to leave the city limits? Brooklyn's barbecue scene offers something for every discerning foodie.

Texas meets Brooklyn at Mable's Smokehouse And Banquet Hall

An authentic Texan haven in the middle of the hipster-centric Williamsburg, Mable’s is a family run joint with good ol’ hearty portions. No frills or extras here, just decent barbecued meat and a warm Southern welcome. The meat platters with bread and fixings allow you to mix and match, so you’ll be sure to have a sandwich customised to your very own tastes. The lamb sausages are one of the must-tries on the menu here.

Briskettown is simple but awesome

BrisketTown is tucked away innocuously on Bedford Avenue. Blink and you’d miss it, if it weren’t for the inevitable line-up and the frequently booming live music marking the place as something special. BrisketTown has a less-is-more menu; and boy, do they do it right. There’s brisket, and there are ribs and sausages. And that’s about it. It’s a case of excellent quality over quantity. If you can exercise self-restraint in the face of the juicy pulled pork, save some room for one of their incredible pies. Honey walnut or bourbon pecan, anyone?

No reservations and a continuously updated menu at Fette Sau

The al fresco dining option will draw you to this Williamsburg favourite during the summer, the barnyard decor might make you think twice, but the homemade sauces will keep you coming back for more. The menu changes daily at Fette Sau, but you’re guaranteed a range of beef and pork staples, and the pork belly is one of the menu’s highlights. You can’t call ahead to reserve here, and seating is at a premium, so the delicious smoke-filled air might be more difficult than delightful for the hungrier members of your party braving the inevitably lengthy queue. But trust that the wait is worth it.

Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue is an institution on the NY scene

In action for just about two years, Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue is a no-nonsense, traditional barbecue joint that has already become something of a New York institution. Bring your appetite to indulge in generous portions of burnt ends (the best in New York), pork-filled sandwiches and ribs pit-grilled until they’re tender to the point of falling off the bone. And although this place is hardly veggie-friendly, you can feel good about the fact that all their meat is humanely sourced and totally free from any hormones.

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