The Three Best Art Museums in Cleveland

Cleveland Rocks, but Cleveland also bears its beautiful soul on canvas and in stone for locals and visitors alike.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Clevelanders are proud of their rebellious, energetic city which - they proudly claim - gave birth to rock music. Where does art fit into this city which is so defiantly against the grain? In fact, the visual arts are a preponderant part of the creative, urbane spirit of Cleveland. From kooky contemporary art to bizarre sculptures to historical masterpieces, Cleveland boasts an engaging arts scene. The Forest City is a multi-cultural melting pot - with a total of 60 languages estimated to be spoken within the city limits - and the following three art museums aptly and innovatively represent a diverse cross-section of this creative, colorful metropolis.

Unique exhibits and glittering events at the Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art offers historic art, contemporary exhibitions and unique expositions on aspects of international history and culture. The building's own beautiful aesthetics date back to the early 1900s, and the museum has since expanded with a recent renovation project having expanded this museum to a world class tourist attraction and cultural hub. It's truly a museum of art and not merely an art museum - with concerts, films and festivals centered around this impressive landmark, Clevelanders and tourists alike are almost guaranteed to find something to tickle their fancy at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Cleveland showcases its character and creative energy at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

MOCA is a triumph of creativity in Cleveland. The stunning new building, constructed in 2012 and designed by British architect Farshid Moussavi, hosts a number of thought-provoking exhibits from contemporary artists with unique takes on modern themes. It's not all hushed voices and sombre appreciation, though; MOCA hosts some more frivolous events and learning programs including a yoga night and a family fun day. Educative and entertaining at once, Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art is a great way to experience the unique artistic soul of the ever-current Cleveland.

Cleveland's Sculpture Center is an insight into Ohio's new art scene

Photo via their official FB page.

For art lovers after a truly authentic taste of art in Cleveland, the Sculpture Centre is the place to go. Showcasing art from up and coming Ohioan sculptors, this museum is a testament to the trends and talents in Cleveland today. Sculptures range from the weird and wonderful to the archaic and stately, the art loving tourist's aesthetic sensibilities are sure to be roused and challenged here. Be it playful, sinister or mind-boggling, the sculptures never fail to entertain. If you get the chance, stop by when one of the many (usually odder) temporary exhibits are being shown.

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