The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Miami

Art Deco furniture, sublime Cuban food and beaches are just three. Read on for more!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Miami is a melting pot of culture, celebrating its diversity through food, art, and entertainment. Though just one city, it represents destinations all over the world, a trait that travelers discover the moment they step into Miami International Airport. The mix of languages may grab attention, but it’s the look of luxury that catches the eye. Alongside its relocated cultures is top-rated dining, accommodations, and spas that lure those with a taste for the finer things in life. All of this among beautiful beaches and expansive wildlife. Culture, endless amenities and entertainment, and easy access to nature combine to make up the top 10 reasons to visit Miami.

10. Beach days all year long

U.S. travelers can save on domestic flights and forget about exchanging currency because there is no passport required to enjoy this piece of paradise. Miami is one of the few places in America that offers a subtropical climate and sunshine year-round. Even during hurricane season, bouts of rain are almost always followed by bursts of sunshine. Which really is a good thing — it’d be a shame for all those miles of beach access to be wasted by bad weather.

9. Endless shopping

Travelers in need of some retail therapy will be able to shop until they’re stress-free in MIami. The shopping mall mecca is not short on stores and serves shoppers of all calibers and budgets. From outdoor malls decked in designers to wallet-friendly outlets, Miami travelers can choose whether to spend or save. Read our list of the five best shopping malls in Miami to help you decide which one you should try on for size.

8. Fusion of flavors

With over 150 ethnicities residing in Miami, it is no surprise that diversity is represented in the city’s dining. Fresh caught sushi, Caribbean jerk chicken, traditional Spanish tapas - restaurants feature dishes inspired from countries around the world. But the award-winning restaurants are not the only fare worth tasting. Miami’s street vendors serve up some serious eats, like crispy empanadas and curried chicken, and corner cafes with their Cuban coffee and pastelitos are equally worth adding to the itinerary.

7. Celebrate the single life

Bachelors and Bachelorettes flock to Miami for their pre-wedding debauchery. Days can be spent beachside or sipping frozen cocktails at one of the luxury hotel pools in Miami. While the swanky lounges and nationally acclaimed mega-clubs are the best spots in South Beach to start the night. Even if you’re not celebrating your last single days, Miami is continuously ranked as one of the best places to date, making it a favorite destination for singles just needing to burn up a few vacation days.

6. Outdoor excursions

Travelers with the goal of spending their vacation in motion will thrive in Miami. The city has over 800 parks, pristine golf courses, and a full spectrum of recreational water sports. Guests looking to spend time paddle boarding, jet-skiing, parasailing, or even flying (attached to a super-charged jetpack of course), can all be accommodated along the beaches in Miami. Whether it’s making a tee time or making friends with wildlife, there are outdoor excursions that cater to all levels of adventure in Miami.

5. Let loose in the lap of luxury

Those whose dreams are dripping in diamonds and set on exotic yachts will find all the upscale accommodations imaginable in Miami. Five-star hotels boast indulgent spas and decadent dining options crafted from the creative minds of well known celebrity chefs. Renting a Lamborghini in Miami or spending your stay in a mansion is far from a fantasy when vacationing in Miami — a city with some of the highest-income zip codes in the United States.

4. Set sail on the Atlantic Ocean

Photo by Venture Minimalists/Flickr.

The days pre- and post-cruise can be as important as the cruise itself, which is undoubtedly why Miami is a longtime favorite port. The Port of Miami offers endless nearby attractions to entertain cruisers before they set sail on the Atlantic Ocean. Even with just a day or two to spare, travelers can get a taste of Miami — and work on their base tan. Those planning a short stay in Miami should look into a tour, or check out our weekend in Miami itinerary.

3. Get a taste of Cuban culture

For a full submersion into Miami’s Cuban culture travelers should head to Little Havana. The Miami neighborhood is full of island influence, from its traditional cigar shops to art galleries. One of the easiest ways to get familiar with Little Havana is through a guided tour, and tasting the authentic Cuban food found along Calle Ocho. Little Havana is the center of Cuban culture in Miami but its influence expands far past the neighborhood’s borders. The Latin language, music, and cuisine can be found all over Magic City.

2. Art around every corner

As an Art Basel host, home to the evolving Wynwood art scene, and canvas for Romero Britto’s pop pieces, it is clear that art has become one of the major attractions in Miami. Museums in Miami house pieces from local and international artists but the streets also serve as a showcase for many creatives. For indoor exhibitions, the Wolfsonian-FIU in the Art Deco District is a favorite, while Wynwood offers a more eclectic experience with its cutting edge street art and contemporary galleries.

1. Legendary nightlife

The nightlife in Miami is set at sparkly clubs, that are ranked among the world’s best places to party. From midnight to morning, they are filled with celebrities, locals, and tourists all with a common interest of bright lights and loud music. Top-tier DJs are booked from Thursday to Sunday, bringing the best sets of hip hop and house to South Beach. Those looking for something more low key will favor the city’s luxe lounges and hotel bars.

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