The Top Five Pub Crawls in Los Angeles

In LA, why go out when you can go all out? Explore the Los Angeles club and bar scene on these five amazing nightlife tours.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Los Angeles is too big not to crawl. Whether you’re in the City of Angels for a night’s layover or just settling into your new beachy digs, one of the best ways to meet other party people and get acquainted with LA’s nightlife is by going on one of their many drinking crawls. The club crawls grant you free entry, sometimes free drinks (at least cheap drinks) and a tour through their afterdark megaplexes, with the odd chance of bumping into a celebrity. Pub crawls help visitors find cool, off-the-beaten-path drinkeries. From highly organized to super laid back to the point where you don’t even need to party with strangers, there’s a club/pub crawl for everyone.

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Blackout Hollywood Pub Crawl leads you through the dark

Photo via Boardner's official site

Blackout Hollywood Pub Crawl takes non-clubbing partiers around Los Angeles to eight diverse locations for tons of drink specials. From $5 rail drinks and Jameson shots at swanky Secret Restaurant & Hookah Lounge to $3 drafts at local brewery Outpost, and a ton of other places like Cab Cantina, 3Dog Cantina, and the Golden Age themed Boardner’s & The B52 Club, the Blackout Hollywood crawl won’t stop until each passenger is properly blacked out. Themes include moustache and cleavage, santa hat, and neon, and each crawler gets a free t-shirt and wristband.

Hollywood Club Crawl hits all the right spots

Ever wanted to go to the big LA clubs in style with an entourage? The Hollywood Club Crawl hits Boulevard 3, Couture, Lure, Playhouse and St. Felix, and connects their guests with drink specials, free entrance and no wait at the door. Some crawlers have even spotted celebs on their tours, like B.O.B and Rihanna. At $25, this club crawl is a legitimate saving, especially for men, but it’s also an easy way to meet other party people, check out the bright lights on Hollywood Boulevard and scope out the club scene. And if you really like Boulevard 3 and want to stay the night? There’s definitely no obligation to continue the crawl!

Endless Cervezas with the Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl

The Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl is not really a pub crawl as it is a wristband that gets your group into specific locations all over Hollywood Boulevard along with specific drink specials whatever time you want. Which is still pretty sweet, because a lot of people don’t like partying in a 100-strong group – kind of cramps the style, you know?

The Santa Monica Pub Crawl is for a worthy cause

This pub crawl happens once a year and it’s for a worthy cause. The Santa Monica Pub Crawl gives props to Father Christmas himself (you didn’t think Santa meant the area, did you?). A few days before Christmas, over 5,000 festively dressed people weave through one of the four pub crawl routes around Santa Monica and go to 25 bars around Santa Monica, receiving food and drink deals and generally partying for the Westside Food Bank. The organizers throw in tons of prizes and also have a big raffle.

LA Epic Club Crawls - find out just how epic it is

The LA Clubbing experience got stepped up with the LA Epic Club Crawl. Visitors get cover-free entry at five clubs, plus five complimentary drinks, drink specials, free nibbles and some in-house pap ready to upload your moves online, like a real baller. Clubs include Supperclub, Blok, Eden, Couture, Lure, Playhouse and others, depending on the night. Visitors to LA and solo clubbers can make instant friends with their organized party games. The complimentary nightclub pass gains guests entry to any of their affiliate clubs, so those who decide to leave the group can easily keep the night going!

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