The Top Five Washington D.C. Food Tours

Too much food to try in DC, but too little time? We've got five easy fixes right here.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Several districts in Washington have impressive food cultures and histories, and while going it alone and sampling some of the best restaurants might be rewarding, it can be useful to have a well-informed local take you off the beaten track to discover the hidden gems. Food tours in Washington expose not only fantastic eateries but the history behind the cuisine in each of the city's most culturally rich districts. While a hop-on hop-off bus tour might give a pretty solid overview of the Federal City, the taste tours of Washington D.C. give the story of the city's locales in delicious 'bite-sized' servings. These are five food tours of Washington which expose the gastronomic charms of five of the city's most vibrant districts.

Discover the history of Capitol Hill with the Capitol Hill Culinary Experience Food Walking Tour in DC

Photo via their FB page.

Most visitors who've tried this tour agree that the Capitol Hill Culinary Experience walking tour has proven one of the best ways to soak up the culture of this iconic district. The Victorian-era houses and multi-cultural atmosphere make this tour a colourful mix of sights, sounds and great tastes. A 3.5 hour tour takes tourists through Capitol Hill to try generous tasters of foods from all over the world, with friendly local guides who know how to bring the city to life. You'll have a chance to meet the people behind some of the quirky restaurants along the way, and you'll leave feeling like you've eaten more than one lunch by the end of this tour.

Experience the gastronomic glamor of Georgetown with the Georgetown Food Tour

From the modern to the historic, the tapestry of flavours, trends and foodie institutions in Georgetown illustrates the district's complex evolution. The DC Metro Food Tour through Georgetown illuminates the history of the district, from traditional, working class origins to modern glamour and haute cuisine. On this tour, you'll learn about the area while sampling delights from uber-trendy eateries and family-run institutions. This one is uniquely comprehensive, and should prove enlightening for locals and tourists alike.

Discover hidden gems with The Foods of Eastern Market Tour

All foodies will no doubt have the Eastern Market at the top of their to-do list on a trip to Washington. As the oldest market in the city and a gem of Capitol Hill, it's no secret that this is one of the best ways to sample local, fresh fare. But the 200 year old market has a wealth of history as well as gastronomy, and the DC Metro tour of the market allows visitors to appreciate both facets of this Capitol Hill landmark. While learning about what the market means to the city, you'll get a chance to sample all sorts - from Korean BBQ to Jewish desserts, your taste buds will be buzzing by the end of this fun, informative tour.

Flavors of DC Tour is a culinary adventure through the U Street Corridor

This Bitez Food Tour brings tourists on a local taste tour of the unique U Street Corridor, a cultural hub and a richly historical area of Washington DC. Once known as 'Black Broadway', these days the U Street Corridor is buzzing with restaurants, bars, cafes and live music. On this walking tour, food lovers are guided to several restaurants and cafes in the area - some more out of the way than others - and have the chance to sample some extraordinary, exclusively 'U Street' food. Along the way, guides share information on the culinary and cultural history of the area as well as introducing visitors to some of the unique architecture in the district.

Historic architecture and modern eats in the Old Town Alexandria Food Tour

Photo via Shuman's Bakery FB

One of the most beautiful and immersive spots in Washington D.C., the Old Town is chock-full of stunning, stately buildings and some of the most interesting eateries in the city. The DC Metro Food Tour of the Old Town brings out both these aspects of the district in a laid back, informative and engaging manner. From European fusion food to local, fresh, artisan products and 'Old Town's Famous 135 year old Jelly Cake' (yep!) there are enough generous samples to give foodies a wide-ranging look at the Old Town's culinary scene. This is a 3.5 hour tour but for older visitors it's one of the more easy-going walking tours, as seated dining is generally available at all the stops along the way.

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