Travel Guide to Bozeman and Its 5 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Bozeman, Montana, features the town's best attractions, restaurants, ski resorts and B&Bs, with lots of photos and tips.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Bozeman, Montana, is a paradise for travelers who love driving: rugged terrain, cool mountain air, music and great scenery. And the scenery in Bozeman is worth the drive alone – sweeping valleys and the Rocky Mountains, the kind of animals you only hear about in Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, canyons and rivers divided by patches of thick pine forests. The town of Bozeman is full of the usual small-town charms: mom and pop restaurants, adorable inns and plenty of opportunities to discover the prehistoric life that once inhabited the land. Located less than two hours southeast of Helena, Bozeman’s two closest airports are Bozeman Yellowstone International and Helena Regional Airport.

Explore the Rockies and scale the Gallatin Canyon

Photo by S_Jenk via Flickr.

Gorgeous views of the Gallatin River, pine forests and the alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains. Apart from enjoying the panoramic splendor of the canyons, visitors get the opportunity to fly fish along the Gallatin River, climb the steep cliffs of the mountains, and pick huckleberries on their way to Lava Lake at the top, bike over craggy rocks, and raft the rushing streams. Moose, big horn sheep, elk, coyotes, bears and the occasional wolf all hang out mountainside, so it’s not unlikely that people looking to get closer to nature at Gallatin Canyon will become fast friends with something furry.

Discover the land before time at the Museum of the Rockies

Photo by Lance Rogers via Flickr.

Find the largest collection of dinosaur remains in the United States and the largest T-rex skull ever discovered in the Museum of the Rockies, located on the campus of the Montana State University. Anyone interested in the natural and cultural history of the American west (dinosaurs, astronomy, early American pioneers and native Americans) should take a walk through the museum. Fun for both kids and adults, an afternoon of educational fun and time-travel can be found in the Museum of the Rockies.

Climb the canyon and watch the water rush down at Hyalite Canyon

Photo by Mark Curtis via Flickr.

Just outside of Bozeman is Hyalite Canyon, a geological wonder caused by a series of prehistoric volcanic explosions and mud flows. As a result: craggy, layered rocks perfect for ice climbing in the winter, gushing streams and white waterfalls, and insane cliffs embedded with individual pieces of rocks. So those adventurous enough to scale these cliffs ought to remember their helmets. The hiking trail, on the other hand, is the stuff that Sunday morning family strolls were made for. Strollers are welcome on the smooth paths, and the cascading falls make for ideal family photos.

Try fresh mountain ale at Montana Ale Works

Photo by Gemma Petrie via Flickr.

Montana Ale Works takes local, organic ingredients and turns it around into elevated pub fare: wagyu burgers, lamb ribs, seared duck breast are all heavy hitting picks from the menu. The space is a renovated railroad freight house, and the folks have used the industrial vibe of the location to their utmost advantage. Diners get to choose from six different spaces to enjoy their meal – the bar, the lounge, the pool tables, a historic rail car and a few others. Cool ambience, hearty pub grub, and, oh yeah, the most extensive local microbrew selection in the northern Rockies.

Stay at the rustic and romantic Gallatin River Lodge

Photo by David Ross via Flickr.

This inn is pure Montana. Located just a few minutes from the famous Gallatin River, this small boutique hotel is surrounded by gorgeous and exciting natural attractions and quiet grounds. Its 300 acres offer exceptional fly fishing, tour guides and some of the finest dining in the area. Visitors enjoy the peace and quiet offered on the premise, as well as the modern amenities at this classic Western lodge.

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