Travel Guide to Fredericton and Its 11 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Fredericton, NB, features info, photos and reviews of its top 11 attractions, restaurants, hotels and activities.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, is a small but sophisticated city of 60,000 people out in the Canadian Maritimes. Visitors can explore its diverse history at any of a number of its museums and historic districts, and there are also some excellent art galleries and restaurants in which to explore the area's cultural and culinary delights. This lively cultural scene is encapsulated in the many festivals that take place throughout the year, covering crafts from music to writing to brewing and beyond. Finally, the town is only 50km from the snow slopes of Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick's leading ski resort.

Celebrate the icy winter months at Frostival

Photo by by Fredericton Tourism/Flickr.

Frostival is an extended celebration of winter and all things frost-encrusted. It takes place annually over four weekends from January 24 to February 16, and is spread out over the town and its surrounding snow slopes. Outdoor activities such as snow tubing and ice hockey give way in the evening to fire-warmed concerts and dance displays.

Browse the expansive collection at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

This gallery's permanent collection focuses on British and Canadian paintings. There are British works from the Elizabethan era up to the 20th century, including portraits, landscapes and a small selection of pre-Raphaelite pieces. These works are accompanied by a broad range of Canadian painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. And most striking of all is the vast Dali painting that greets visitors as they first enter the gallery, a surreal depiction of Christ and a Saint ascending to heaven.

Discover New Brunswick's diverse history at the Fredericton Region Museum

This fascinating museum does an excellent job of depicting the diverse history of New Brunswick, Canada's only officially bilingual province. Exhibits encompass the region's indigenous inhabitants, Acadian French settlers, Loyalists to British rule who settled in the area having fled the U.S. in the build-up to the Revolutionary War, and other small groups who influenced New Brunswick's development over the past few centuries. It's definitely worth a visit while in the city.

Enjoy solid range of intermediate and advanced trails for skiers on Crabbe Mountain

Crabbe Mountain is New Brunswick's premier skiing destination. Just 50 kilometers north of Fredericton, and only an hour from the Maine border, Crabbe Mountain offers dozens of ski runs and 853 feet of vertical with trails suitable for skiers of all levels. The ski area also has 30km of alpine skiing trails and three terrain parks.

Colonial history, good food and a vast variety of alcoholic beverages come together at the Lunar Rogue Pub

The Lunar Rogue bundles a bit of New Brunswick history along with its beer, wine and 200 malts and blends. It was designed and decorated in keeping with Loyalist style, and is named after a particularly notorious figure in Colonial history. All of which creates a distinctive atmosphere. There's decent food, too, from breakfast to a special "late night menu" replete with salty and flavorsome finger food to accompany the final few hours of drinking.

Riverside views and a warm welcome from the Delta Fredericton

Photo via their official site

The Delta Fredericton is part of a chain of hotels across Canada that work hard to create a homely, warm and welcoming atmosphere. It looks out over the St. John River, and has several additional facilities including an indoor pool and fitness center.

Eccentricity, elegance and a convenient location at the Carriage House Inn

Photo by by Fredericton Tourism/Flickr.

This eccentric Victorian mansion, located in the center of town, has been turned into a high-class bed and breakfast. A porch and veranda look out over the city, while breakfast is served in an ornate ballroom decorated with an assemblage of crafts and antiques.

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