Travel Guide to Hoboken and Its 5 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Hoboken, NJ, features reviews and photos of its top 5 attractions, restaurants and places to stay and has tips from local bloggers.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

For years, Hoboken has dragged around the reputation as that train stop between Newark and New York City. But this small city is fast becoming a destination all on its own, with great industrial architecture, parks along the Hudson River, crazy-awesome restaurants and a rich history (it's the birthplace of Baseball, donchaknow?). Only 15 minutes from Manhattan on the PATH, Hoboken is worth a wander and also makes for a more affordable alternative for travelers visiting NYC.

Pier A Park is anything you want it to be: a concert venue, lookout point, movie theater, sunbathing spot, Yoga studio, etc

How about a picnic under the stars? Or an outdoor rock concert? Or a yoga session out in the open, facing the beautiful Manhattan skyline? Depending on the date, Pier A Park can oblige all outdoor entertainment requests. The openness of the grass can double as a music venue, but during the day, it's the perfect place to soak up the sunlight and the views of NYC. Shade dwellers can get theirs, too, as there's an area with tons of beautiful trees and benches right next to the PATH.

Live the sweet life at Carlo's Bake Shop

Most people who visit Carlo's Bakery do so because they've watched Cake Boss, the TLC reality show that centers around the staff of the bakery and the magnificent pieces of cake that they produce. However, before it was a television show, it was an honest family business passed down four generations, and a beloved bakeshop right in the heart of Hoboken. Drop in for a lobster tail, a classic Italian treat made with custard, flakey pastry, dusted off with powder sugar; or stay for a cake-decorating class – it'll be a delectable experience, for sure.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Hoboken at the Hoboken Historical Museum

Located directly on the waterfront, in a beautiful shipyard building dating back to 1890, the Hoboken Historical Museum has all the information anyone could ever want to know about Hoboken. From exhibits commemorating the anniversary of the classic Brando film On the Waterfront to the shipping history of the city, the museum finds new and inventive ways to highlight the history of Hoboken and educate its visitors.

La Isla serves up huevos rancheros the right way

For a big and delicious brunch to start a day of sightseeing off right, hit up La Isla for their guava-strawberry stuffed french toast, or huevos rancheros. There's no big-city glamour at La Isla. The humble Cuban restaurant is marked by a faded sign, and once inside, it takes a second to process the lime green walls, but it's a cozy place that serves up quality dishes for a reasonable price.

Stay at The W Hoboken for Manhattan chic at Hoboken prices

There are many reasons to opt for staying in Hoboken over Manhattan. For one thing, the price per night is $150 less than the W on the other side of the Hudson in Manhattan. For another, it gives travelers a chance to explore beautiful Hoboken and take in the fantastic views of the city skyline.

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