Travel Guide to Point Reyes Station and Its Top 8 Attractions

Head to this pretty little lighthouse in Marin Country and drink up the scenery.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Point Reyes Station is a small town in Marin County, only a one-hour drive north of San Francisco, that serves as a jumping off point for travelers wishing to explore the Point Reyes National Seashore region. This nature reserve has a stunning and rugged coastline lined with cliffs and even waterfalls, not to mention redwoods, nature hikes and activities like birdwatching and whale watching. In Point Reyes Station itself, visitors will find some small hotels and family owned restaurants to tide them over between outdoor adventures.

Let's not waste any time getting to the Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes, California, by Jill HomerNot only are there long stretches of beach and hiking trails galore in this 71,0280-acre preserve, but there’s also redwood forests and wildlife. Photographers will seriously go crazy with all of the stunning vistas and photo opportunities in the park, and with over 1,500 species of plants and animals in the area, there’s a good chance any photos could feature special guest stars like whales, elephant seals or elk.Stop in at the picture-perfect Point Reyes Lighthouse--

Point Reyes Lighthouse, California, by dancingbranflakes

The lighthouse was built in 1870, and was actually a very necessary safety feature in the days before modern maritime technology, as Point Reyes is particularly windy and foggy. In fact, it’s the second foggiest place in the whole of the North American continent after Newfoundland in Canada. Today the lighthouse serves primarily as a tourist destination, kept in good condition by the National Park Service. Visitors have to walk down 300 steps to get to the lighthouse site, but views are well worth the hard work.

Get out on Tomales Bay with Blue Waters Kayaking

Photo by Ted via Flickr

Want to see the coast from a different perspective? Well, Blue Waters Kayaking can make that happen, as the outfitters operates guided kayaking trips on Tomales Bay that depart from Point Reyes Station. They have tours geared towards novice and veteran paddlers alike, so experience shouldn’t be an issue. They even offer trips that include overnight camping on the beach!

Fresh, local and organic at Osteria Stellina

Osteria Stellina, Point Reyes Station, by The Blog

How can you go wrong when you focus on fresh, local, organic ingredients? Well that’s what they do at Osteria Stellina. There are light dishes like oysters, as well as heartier ones like pizzas and wedges. It’s a popular venue with Point Reyes Station residents, so diners will see farmers and merchants happily eating and drinking, as well as the inevitable tourists who come in. A great selling point is the over 30 wines by the glass they have on offer.

Stay a while at the Abalone Inn

Photo by David Abercrombie via Flickr

Located in a scenic spot on the hillside, this bed and breakfast overlooks Point Reyes wetlands, pastures and Black Mountain. The owners have cultivated an old-fashioned atmosphere to match the restored Victorian guest rooms and old parlor, complete with a fireplace, library, antiques and local art. The inn is perfect for outdoorsy folks who want a place to rest their muscles in-between some kayaking and cycling, as there’s a hot tub onsite and massages on offer.

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