Travel Spotlight on Bermuda and Its 20 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Bermuda features info on its top 19 attractions, resorts, restaurants and beaches, and has travel tips and photos from bloggers.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Far out in the west Atlantic lies the tiny hook-shaped island of Bermuda, one of the few remaining vestiges of the British empire. Once famous for its ship-swallowing tendencies, Bermuda today is best known as an ideal spot for the super-rich to secure their billions from the taxman. Consequently it tends to be seen as a destination for the very wealthy. There is some truth in this: most lodging options – whether resorts or boutique B&Bs – are pretty pricey, and rental cars are not allowed on the island, so most visitors take taxis everywhere.

But in actuality Bermuda is far more than just a sanctuary for the stateless super-rich. Against expectations, it has efficient and cheap public transport on buses and ferries. It is a top destination for a wide range of water-based activities, a world-class dive and snorkelling site with great fishing and watersport opportunities. Alternatively, visitors can simply enjoy the pristine beaches, the dunes and craggy cliffs, and the dramatic caves that cut down beneath the island’s surface. The easiest way to get there is through Bermuda International Airport, while cruises from the East Coast of the United States frequently include the island on their itinerary.

Scythe through the seawater with Somerset Bridge Watersports

If you’ve flown for hours over the Atlantic Ocean to a sun-drenched beach fringed island, you might want to get out into the salt water. Somerset Watersports are a family owned company that are both good value and excellent quality. They’ll provide training, guides and any other assistance for a range of water-based activities, including jet skiing, snorkelling, boat rentals, kayaks, fishing packages and more.

Curl up on the warm pink sand of Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is one of the world’s great tourist beaches, famous for its pink tinged sand and turquoise water. This water is pleasantly calm, protected from the roar of the Atlantic by a ring of surrounding rocks. And the surrounding coastline, composed of dunes and limestone cliffs, is great for a shoreline hike, too.

Delve down to see Bermuda's most amazing views in the Crystal and Fantasy Caves

In 1905, two young boys were playing cricket – of all things – on a Bermuda beach, when their ball bounced away and disappeared. Searching for it, the boys stumbled into a mesmerizing subterranean world that has entranced visitors to the island for over a century since. This is Crystal Cave, a winding network of passages and caverns beneath Bermuda, hung with clustered rock formations and opening out into beautiful azure pools. Nearby Fantasy Cave was discovered shortly afterwards and is equally intricate, if perhaps a little less spectacular.

Enjoy dining at its most deliciously decadent at the Waterlot Inn

Waterlot Inn is a top-end fine dining establishment with a menu centered around a set of exquisite steaks. It also serves sublime seafood dishes, as well as a scattered assortment of other creations, such as truffled mac & cheese blanketed with garlic creamed spinach. Everything, including the fries, is immaculately presented, and there is also a top-class wine list.

Sea, sand and luxurious accommodation at the Fairmont Southampton

The Fairmont is a large and attractive hotel with all the amenities you could need, and a generous sprinkling of additional luxuries. Situated on Bermuda’s southern shore, it has stunning views over the Atlantic to the distant, shimmering horizon, and direct access to miles of palm-studded sand. There’s also a relaxing spa and a great beach club with a Dive Center, tennis courts, and jet ski rentals.

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