Travel Spotlight on Columbus, Ohio, and Its 20 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Columbus features info and photos on its 20 best attractions, hotels and restaurants, and has travel tips from local bloggers.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Columbus is a city at once homely and energetic, welcoming and spontaneous, filled with youthful vigor and cultural interest, right in the heart of America. Perhaps best known as the home of the Ohio State University, Columbus oozes with a young and vibrant artistic charm that manifests itself in its year-round sporting events and heritage festivals all through the year. Traditionally prosperous, Columbus continues to enjoy a position right on the forefront of innovative research in science and technology. The university draws academics from all across America, and there are a number of immersive museums that are definitely worth a visit for those interested in these fields. For foodies and shoppers, the downtown is alive with quirky cafés and high-street outlets, but the city also has a number of more bohemian hotspots where students and professors alike can be spotted sipping strong coffee over the bindings of a book. Columbus International Airport is easily accessible just 20 minutes out of town, while Greyhound and Megabus both serve the city center.

Discover the wonders of the natural world at the Center Of Science And Industry

The Columbus Center of Science & Industry is an immersive and hands-on museum that showcases classic experiments and discoveries in these two fields. Exhibitions range from stellar rides in space capsules to explorative journeys through the underwater world, offering a fun-packed family friendly day out that’s filled with energy and education.

Taking you to the center of the city's art scene at the Columbus Museum of Art

The kingpin of Columbus’ thriving art scene, the sprawling collection at this central museum is constantly being expanded to include more works every year. The permanent displays here showcase pieces from such a diverse range of periods and schools that it’s difficult to comb through the whole museum in a day, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of America's best animal parks

Home to the colossal Asian elephant and the wandering American plains bison, the ashen arctic fox and the mighty grizzly bear, the Columbus Zoo is hailed as one of the best in America. The adjoining aquarium also has a really wide variety of creatures to see, from the exotic shark species, to the hefty manatee.

Bangkok peanut and poached pear sorbet at Jeni's Fresh Ice Creams

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a parlor with a difference. Quirky, cool and creative in the extreme the flavors range from traditional classics to experimental mash-ups. It’s certainly for the benefit that the staff here rarely shy away from a flavor suggestion, no matter how weird it may sound. Aside from the ice creams, Jeni’s also sells a range of cookbooks and clothing, so visitors can recreate the crazy creams in the comfort of their own home.

Boutique style and bespoke service at The Lofts

Super stylish and simply chic, the Lofts Hotel is accommodation with class right in the heart of Columbus’ downtown. The interior decoration is the legacy of the architects that once inhabited the building in the 1970s, giving a finished product that’s at once welcoming and modern. All the rooms come complete with wireless internet, iPad alarm clocks and L’Occitane toiletry products; pure luxury.

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