Travel Spotlight on Jekyll Island and Its 16 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Jekyll Island, Georgia, features its 16 best attractions, places to stay and restaurants, and has travel tips from local bloggers.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

At the turn of the century, Jekyll Island was one of the most coveted vacation destinations for America’s jet-set luminaries. Today, the resort has opened its ranks to a much wider variety of holiday makers, with golf courses, year-round festivals and accommodation options to boot. However, this is a place that still bears the regal touch of class that has been one of its most defining features in the past and the historic district still stands as a beautiful example of 20th-century American high society. Jekyll Island is also home to some quintessentially east-coast marshlands and beachfronts that have helped make it a favorite among families and couples looking for somewhere to relax.

Situated on the southeastern coast of Georgia, Jekyll Island is closer to Jacksonville, Florida, than it is to Atlanta or Savannah.

The Great Dunes Park is one of the undisputed gems of Georgia’s Golden Isles

For those heading to Jekyll Island for the Atlantic beaches, there’s no better spot to kick back and relax than here. The Great Dunes Park offers visitors a number of amenities and activities right on the seaside, from covered deck areas to well-maintained picnic spots. Nearby there are plenty of bike and Segway rental shops, making the park a prime location from which to explore the rest of Jekyll Island’s eastern coast.

Conservation and rehabilitation at The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Turtle-orientated ecotourism has been high on the agenda for many destinations on the Georgia’s eastern seaboard. This conservation and rehabilitation center on Jekyll Island has become one of the most visited in the state and offers visitors daily tours during the summer, giving a rare and unique insight into the life of this endangered species.

Getting in with tradition at the Jekyll Island Golf Club

For many people Georgia has long been synonymous with world-class golfing. Not only is this the home of the Masters’ own Augusta International, but the 4-course resort on Jekyll Island is one of the largest and best-known golf clubs in the United States. Established way back in 1898, it’s still the biggest public golf course in Georgia, and also has a short 9-hole course for more casual players.

Twenty years of seafood excellence at Latitude 31

With a prime location right on the iconic wharf of Jekyll Island’s historical district, it’s easy to see how Latitude 31 has become known for its super-fresh offering of seafood. But, while proximity to the sea helps, the culinary flair and real character of this eatery are what have made it a local favorite for so long.

Following in gilded footsteps at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Perhaps the most enduring and iconic image of Jekyll Island’s historical place at the forefront of America’s vacationing elite, to make a visit to the Island Club Hotel is to follow in the footsteps of Rockefeller and Vanderbilt, Pulitzer and Morgan. Luxurious and magnificent, guests will love the restored Victorian character of this all-American resort.

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