Travel Spotlight on Leavenworth, Washington, and Its 16 Best Attractions

Take a look at Hopper's guide to Leavenworth, Washington, to see its 16 top attractions, restaurants, breweries and hotels, and for tips from local blogs.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Willkommen auf Leavenworth, an American mountain town with a difference. Nestled on the low ridges of the Washington Cascades, this town is a patchwork of quaint Alpine chateaux, rowdy beer halls and Bavarian folk culture; an authentic German getaway in the heart of the northwest. From season to season the character of the town transforms itself into something new. During the summer Leavenworth is a mecca for hikers and bikers, climbers and golf enthusiasts looking to make the most of the warm sun and enticing hill trails, while the autumn signals in the Bavarian spirit with beer festivals and harvest celebrations to boot. In the winter the town has become famous for its warming light displays and Christmas spirit, when the warmth of open fires oozes from the doors of cafés and Munich-inspired eateries. There’s wine too, and plenty of opportunity to taste the unique flavors of vineyards high in the Cascade plateaus, along with some micro-breweries for the most dedicated follower of the German theme.

Have a cracking day at the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

As niche museums go, this one is pretty intriguing. With Leavenworth’s Christmassy vibe one might be forgiven for thinking that it chronicles the theatrical productions of Tchaikovsky’s epic, but it doesn’t, it’s all about nutcrackers the noun (yes, the things you crack nuts with!). Quirky and altogether different, there is something totally enthralling about this unlikely museum. It is home to more than 14,000 nut-related relics and details the history of the practice since Roman times. All in all a cracking day out!

Leavenworth Golf Club is a jewel of the Pacific Northwest

As one of the oldest golf courses in the American northwest region, the Leavenworth club has become an iconic institution in the town. Today it figures as one of the major summer attractions and players come from all over to enjoy the clear mountain air and magnificent views of the Icicle and Wenatchee River valleys.

Harnessing the cool mountain springs at the Icicle Brewing Company

A Bavarian town wouldn’t be very Bavarian without the beer. That’s why Leavenworth’s own Icicle Brewing Company has been producing its own range of locally sourced drinks since 2011. Fresh tasting and full of flavor, it’s said that the secret of Icicle’s trademark quality is their use of fresh Alpine water flowing right from the nearby Cascade creeks.

Big sausages and strong brews at the München Haus

Apple cider kraut and steaming German bratwurst, this Bavarian food hall is a haven of hearty European flavours in the middle of Leavenworth. The Haus has the largest selection of sausages in town, and comes complete with an outdoor beer garden where local brews and classic German draught flows daily. Don’t leave without trying the trademark Kielbasa, or the appropriately named BIG "BOB" Bratwurst.

Experience German hospitality at the Bavarian Lodge

This traditional Bavarian chateaux looks like something you’d find in the high Alpine valleys of central Austria, making it true to the European character of Leavenworth town. Expect unbridled luxury, stunning views and great access to the surrounding hills, along with an enticing array of breakfast foods that’ll make you want to get up in the morning. The rooms are well equipped and full-frills, and some even come with their own fireplace!

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