Travel Spotlight on the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower

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Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

If Las Vegas is the mecca of mega-resorts and destination hotels, then the Stratosphere is definitely at the the top – literally. Situated north of the main drag on the Strip, closer to Fremont St. and downtown Las Vegas, the Stratosphere is comprised of a main hotel complex nestled at the base of a 1,149-foot tower (the second tallest freestanding building in the northern hemisphere). Up top there are thrilling rides, a cocktail lounge, an upscale revolving restaurant and the best view of LV one could possibly ask for. Below there is a casino, diners, cafes, luxury suites and a (hotel) rooftop pool. Guests at the Stratosphere almost need a whole day to discover the thrills of their own hotel. Not too shabby.

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Feel the adrenaline rise as you take the plunge off the thrilling SkyJump

Photo by Casino Connection via Flickr

Ever wanted to freefall 855 feet towards the Las Vegas Strip off the top of an insanely tall, glimmering tower? Most people usually don’t, until they see the SkyJump. And then they really don’t, but they do it anyway, because it’s Las Vegas and the city is all about taking risks. Guests ready to take the plunge get zipped up in SkyJump’s special jumpsuits, receive a brief safety crashcourse, and are taken to the 108th floor at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. Then they’re connected to the controlled "descender" and led to the platform. And then it’s a quick prayer and a kick in the pants before they plummet all the way down to the sidewalk, screams and all. People who want to do it again can, at a 50% discount, and those who immediately need a drink can also make their way to the 108th floor to the AirBar.

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Try your luck in the Stratosphere’s massive casino

Obviously, no matter how maxed out it is with altitude and pools and shopping, the Stratosphere wouldn’t be able to call itself a true Las Vegas hotel without a casino. So, it’s got a casino. And that casino happens to be a pretty reliable one, featuring 1,200 slot and video poker games, a Vegas Poker Room, over 50 different table games including all the classics, as well as a Las Vegas Race and Sports Book. Aficionados who count points more than they count cards will get their kicks off the Sports Headquarters, with massive flat-screen panels, food and drink specials, and a massive sports book for the best betting around. Join them during the football season and get served by a cheerleader cocktail server.

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Classic Vegas performer, Frankie Moreno, entertains three times a week at the theater at the Stratosphere

Photo by TDelCoro/Flickr.

Voted "Best-All-Around Performer," "Best Strip Headliner" and "Best Concert" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Weekly and in 2012, Frankie Moreno brings his dynamic musical stylings to the theater at the Stratosphere four nights a week for a Las Vegas-low price of $40 per ticket (guests of the hotel get a 50% discount and locals receive a 25% discount). Backed by a 10-piece band, Moreno wows the crowds with his original songs as well as unique covers of popular hits.

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Dine at the Top Of The World Restaurant

Photo by Simonetta Barone Herrera/Flickr.

Guests of the hotel don’t need to travel far for an elegant meal; they just need to go up. Like 108 floors up. Over 900 feet in the air up. Preferably at a window seat in this revolving dining room that casts a 360-degree view over the shimmering lights of Las Vegas below and beyond. But think of this view as an appetizer, lest we take credit away from the food being served out of the kitchen, which is varied and well-conceived by celebrity chef Rick Giffen and assembled from ingredients sourced from sustainable producers.

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Stay in affordable luxury at the Stratosphere Hotel

Some of the most affordable rooms on the Strip are right here at the Stratosphere Hotel. Guests can choose between guestrooms, suites and luxury Stratosphere Select rooms located all over the hotel and towers. Near the pool, high up the tower – no matter the room, it’s guaranteed that any room is going to have a stunning view. Some guestrooms come appointed with oversized tubs and luxury king beds.

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