Travel Spotlight on Wisconsin Dells and Its 15 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Wisconsin Dells features its top 15 attractions, restaurants and water parks, and has photos and travel tips from local bloggers.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

friendly tourist destinations. Twisting slides and bubbling pools tease new arrivals with the promise of some of the country's best water parks, while the dramatic limestone gorges of the Wisconsin River offer the perfect natural backdrop for every type of outdoorsy water sport imaginable. Also nearby, a myriad of wildlife parks and geological sites make a visit to "The Dells" a truly engrossing experience, while the authentic Midwest charm is an ever-present reminder of this town's easygoing character and traditional leanings. Wisconsin Dells is easy to reach by car and the closest major airport is at Madison, just under an hour's drive away.

Wild rides and family fun at the Noah's Ark Water Park

As one of the largest water parks in Wisconsin Dells it's not surprising that Noah's Ark offers a truly formidable array of attractions. Thrill-seekers are invited to check out the hair-raising "Sidewinders" and the aptly named "Point of No Return" rides, which twist their way awkwardly overhead. If you're after something a little more laid-back, head for the Endless River stream, or the relaxing Paradise Lagoon where you can bathe in the Wisconsin sun.

Pet a white tail at the Wisconsin Deer Park

Explore the land and water with the original Wisconsin Duck Tours

Away from the twisting slides of the city's water parks, Wisconsin Dells is also famous for the geological wonders that have formed from centuries of erosion on the banks of the state river. A duck tour encompasses many of the iconic waterways around the city and affords visitors the chance to explore the country around Wisconsin Dells, both dry and wet.

Wild Rock Golf Course, a mishmash of natural textures

The Wild Rock Golf Course is a pleasant intermingling of the diverse natural Wisconsin countryside in all its glory. Rugged sandstone ridges carve their way through serene parkland fairways, while thick woods line the holes on either sides. Well-kempt and truly beautiful, this is one of Wisconsin Dell's best all-around courses.

Rub shoulders with the locals at Monk's Bar and Grill

This classic Midwest sports bar enjoys something of a legendary status in Wisconsin state. Famed for its high-stacked burgers, family friendly atmosphere and long history, Monk's is usually bubbling with a locals and visitors alike, who come to sample the hearty cuisine or enjoy one of the bar's regular music events.

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