Where to Drink like a Local in Las Vegas

Check out these local bars, nightclub and hot spots for drinks in Las Vegas off the Strip. No tourists here, just actual Las Vegans and fun times.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

It’s not hard to find oneself overwhelmed by the hoards of tourists, lights and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip, the sweltering heat and the daunting price tags attached to most of the tourist-heavy eateries and bars. Fortunately, there are tons of unique dining and drinking locales to be explored mere blocks away from the crowds. Cozy microbreweries and a few nostalgia-laced theme bars, karaoke and rock shows – go where the locals go for a taste of that old Las Vegas charm.

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Have a few brews at Big Dog’s Brewing Company

Big Dog’s Brewing Co. has been making beer since 1993, well before every bearded urbanite got on the microbrewing bandwagon. With it’s woody, rustic and very Packers-centric décor, Big Dog has been a local attraction for both locals and tourists seeking homegrown Midwestern hospitality. Their Draft House seats 190 and is open 24/7, with plenty of the classic Big Dog brews and a gaming area for a quick slot machine break during halftime. A master of beer and food pairings, the Big Dog has pairing specials and events to better discover the beer.

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Find all the alt-heads at Griffin

Definitely unlike any other drinkerie in Las Vegas, the interior of the Griffin looks like a medieval lair, with ornately carved stone pillars and functional fireplaces. Located under the canopy of LED lights on the famous Fremont St., the old stomping grounds for the likes of Frank Sinatra, and surrounded by funky shops, classically restored casinos and restaurants. It plays hosts to local rock bands and has a sweet jukebox that pumps out everything from classic rock to electropop.

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Pop some bottles at Champagnes Café

Via their official FB page.

For a real taste of the bubbly classic Hollywood, head three miles east of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the gold-flecked Champagne’s Café, where the jukebox spins the crooners and rockabilly tunes until the karaoke starts up. A hit with both the local older crowd and young hipsters since 1967, Champagne’s Café offers cheap drinks, endless entertainment in a time capsule of a dive (think Marilyn Monroe memorabilia on the walls). So have a martini, belt a few songs, and make friends with some barflies.

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Go tiki-crazy at Frankie's Tiki Room

No shortage of tikis at Frankie’s Tiki Room. There can’t be – it’s a Tiki Room. This unique space is positively brimming with ornately carved masks from the area’s leading tiki carvers, artificial grass detail and handmade tiki mugs. Not to mention, of course, booze, and lots of it. With their impressive list of 32 unique and equally potent cocktails, visitors will want to lounge around for hours trying all of them.

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