Where to Eat like a Local in Las Vegas

Check out the five best restaurants in Las Vegas for dining like a local. These restaurants are far from the strip, and each has a dedicated following.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Travelers are always seeking out a local experience wherever they go. They’re looking for the non-tourist trap restaurants where they can sample the local cuisine at local prices, as opposed to at exorbitant, tourist-inflated prices. And that’s where we come in, because Hopper knows everything – well, not everything, but certainly an awful lot. In Las Vegas it’s very easy to get drawn in by the big bright lights of the overpriced chains and casinos like moths to a flame, but if you avert your eyes for a moment or two, you’ll find some great hidden gems that can often get overshadowed. So follow this guide, the inside scoop and eat like a local in Las Vegas.

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Taste the authentic flavors of Asia at Lotus Of Siam

Intrepid foodies will find this Thai restaurant tucked away in the back of an unassuming strip mall. You might not have thought to look there, but you’ll be pleased that you did. From humble beginnings, this restaurant has risen to win a James Beard Award and a glowing Gourmet Magazine review hailing it the "single best Thai restaurant in North America."

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Get a real French experience at Marche Bacchus

For those who love French food, this place is a dream come true: it’s a European escape located just 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Here diners can enjoy French cuisine, French wine and a well-executed overall French theme, complete with swans on a lake! It’s open for both lunch and dinner and they have a wine shop on-site too.

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There’s a lot on offer at Ellis Island Restaurant And Brewery

This place is more than just a casino or a microbrewery, it’s also a 24-hour restaurant and karaoke lounge. Originally opened in 1968, it has gained a loyal following of locals and regular visitors to Las Vegas. People love the cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and family recipes used in the restaurant, and its "crazy cheap" prices.

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Settebello serves up traditional Pizza Napoletana

Settebello is an Italian restaurant specializing in Napoletana-style pizza. Using soft dough, the pizza base is moulded very flat and only takes a minute to cook in a wood-fired oven. Aside from the authentic cooking methods, Settebello also incorporates authentic ingredients, such as flour from Napoli, prosciutto cotto from Parma and Parmesan cheese from Modena.

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Aburiya Raku is an extra-special Japanese charcoal grill

The name Aburiya Raku translates literally as "charcoal grill house enjoyment," which might not be perfect English, but you get the gist. Diners love the authentic Japanese flavors, and so do the folks behind the James Beard Award, who named Aburiya Raku’s chef a finalist for the "Best Chef Southwest" in 2011 and 2012.

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